OP Insurance to become Pohjola Insurance as of 1 June

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OP Financial Group’s non-life insurance business will officially change its name from OP Insurance Ltd to Pohjola Insurance Ltd on 1 June 2019.

”The Pohjola brand, familiar to Finns, will be taken into use again as of the beginning of June when OP Insurance will be renamed Pohjola Insurance. Pohjola Insurance is Finland’s leading non-life insurer with a total of 2.5 million private and corporate customers”, says Olli Lehtilä, Executive Vice President, Insurance Customers, OP Financial Group.

The company name in Finnish will be Pohjola Vakuutus and in Swedish Pohjola Försäkring. Pohjola Insurance will continue to use the familiar orange OP logo. At the same time, Pohjola Health’s official name will be changed to Pohjola Hospital. The company will continue to use the blue bear’s paw as its logo. 

In connection with the name change, Pohjola Insurance will launch a campaign challenging people in Finland to fulfil their dreams.  

”We only have one life, and it would be a real shame not to live it to the full. At Pohjola Insurance, our job is to secure every moment of our customers’ lives, regardless of the matter, time and place”, underlines Lehtilä.  

Going forward, Pohjola Insurance can be reached through the familiar channels: op.fi, OP-mobile, OP cooperative banks, the OP Claim Help service and the service number 0303 0303. In addition, Pohjola Insurance will have its own social media channels on Facebook and Instagram.  

The name change requires no action on our customers’ part. The contents, terms and conditions of insurance contracts will remain unchanged. In future, Pohjola Insurance will be shown in insurance policies as the company issuing the insurance. New insurance policies will be sent to customers at the beginning of the new policy period. 

Further information and requests for interviews:

OP Corporate Communications, tel. +358 50 523 9904, viestinta@op.fi

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