op5 Add Support for Monitoring of KVM and XEN virtualization platforms

op5 is happy to announce that the leadning Open Source Monitoring software op5 Monitor now comes with "out of the box" support for monitoring of both VMware, and the new additions KVM and Xen virtualization platforms.

Virtualization has since long moved from a trend to a common wide spread method used to optimize IT operations. Gartner has estimated that by 2013, the cloud market will be at $150 billion, and 60 percent of server workloads will be virtualized. VMware is the dominant provider of virtualization platforms and op5 Monitor supported out of the box monitoring of VMware for many years. The alternative platforms KVM and Xen are now gaining momentum with increasing number of implementations and therefore op5 is now including support for monitoring KVM and Xen without additional charge.

With virtual environments comes diminished network visibility, leading to major challenges for monitoring and securing networks. The challange to conduct precise response time management and root cause analysis, complicate problem identification and resolution, potentially erasing the cost savings associated with virtualization.

Effective virtual monitoring requires a complete view across your entire infrastructure so you can not only monitor the virtualization hypervisor and host but also the VM’s, applications, physical servers and network devices that are critical components to ensuring application availability. To maintain high-performing IT services, organizations must manage and protect their virtual environments the same way as their physical networks.

With op5 Monitor you no longer have to make a difference between how you monitor virtual and physical infrastructure. This greatly improves problem identification and root cause analysis, allowing a unified monitoring.

op5 Monitor lets you

  • Track VM availability        
    • performance metrics including CPU & memory utilization
    • disk usage
    • network usage   
  • Identify, list & monitor new virtual machines added to any virtual server
  • Leverage out-of-the-box reports for availability and SLA performance
  • Use built-in alerting to receive instant notification of VM-related issues   
  • Out of the box monitoring of VMware, KVM and Xen at no additional charge

Jan Josephson, CEO and cofounder of op5
Phone: 46 8 58 83 01 10
Mobile: 46 707 25 09 00
E-mail: jan.josephson@op5.com

About op5

op5 is a market leading developer of Open Source Management solutions develops and delivers open source based software for monitoring and administration of IT systems and networks. The solutions are built on open source code that op5 extends and markets and supports as complete systems. The main products are op5 Monitor, op5 Statistics and op5 LogServer. op5 has customers such as Aftonbladet, Volvo, SAAB, Max Matthiessen, Swedish Wetherservice (SMHI), CrossKey Banking, SAAB Industries, Bring City Mail, Channel 5 and Swedish Television (SVT), Swedish Customs and many other State authorities, local authorities and municipalities. op5 was established in 2003, has offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Munich as well as local partners around the world. op5 is owned by its founders and employees, Pod Venture Partners and KTH Chalmers Capital. See www.op5.com.