Introducing Omtank, a new revenue stream for fashion rentals

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Open-Innovators assists Omtank, a long-term sustainability focused rental marketplace

Omtank, a novel fashion rental marketplace, is shortly launching in Sweden to pilot it's new concept for fashion rentals. This is it's first step towards a global launch planned later during the year.

From an access point of view for customers, Omtank might look like other rental sites to rent with the convenience of home delivery, wide selection, easy swaps and other similar benefits. But that's where the similarity ends.The other big difference is how the fashion companies benefit from Omtank.   

Omtank opens new revenue stream for the Fashion companies by inviting them to "run their own rental shop" with control over their own stock, creating a new revenue stream. The fashion rental market is growing exponentially and it's time for fashion houses to tap into it through a managed service like Omtank.  Along with the control on their stock, the fashion companies also get access to the product life cycle data to optimise their product portfolio.

Omtank's founders are experts from the fashion industry having worked with leading houses like H&M in digital transformation and digital business expansions to +25 countries.  "Omtank is first aimed towards the Indian and US market where we see rental markets mature and of a size which makes it very interesting for a managed service like ours." says Jens Lee, Co-Founder Omtank. 

Omtank being a marketplace allows customers a wide range of garments from different brands. "Omtank is an excellent example of sustainability in fashion. it's circular, optimising quality as opposed to quantity and makes financial sense for both consumer and fashion companies. We are happy to be associated with Omtank."  remarks Joydeep Dash, CEO, Open-Innovators.

The increasing popularity of Rental Fashion has opened up some interesting questions around the long term sustainability and financial success of rentals . Open-Innovators invites you an  interesting Webinar on this topic on the 12th May 2019. Please register at


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