About Us

Opici Wines is a wine supplier and importer with a portfolio of over 50 brands from the United States, Italy, Spain, France, South Africa, Chile, and Argentina. The brands are currently in distribution across the United States in 45 states. Opici Wines is a subsidiary of the Opici Wine Group, a premier supplier and distributor of wines and spirits founded in 1913 and re-established upon the repeal of Prohibition in 1934. There are four distribution companies under the Opici Wine Group umbrella, located in NY, NJ, CT, and Florida called the Opici Wine Company. From its inception, the Opici Wine Group has remained family owned and operated. The company chairman is 95-year-old Hubert Opici, an icon in the wine industry. Headquarters are located at 25 DeBoer Drive, Glen Rock, NJ 07452. For more information please contact Joe Janish, Marketing Communications Manager for Opici Wines, at joe@opiciwines.com.


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