Composition of Optomed’s Nomination Board

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Optomed Plc         Stock Exchange Release    13 September 2021 at 15:00, Helsinki

Composition of Optomed’s Nomination Board

According to Optomed’s shareholder register of 1 September 2021, the shareholders represented in the shareholders’ Nomination Board are OP-Rahastoyhtiö Oy (OP funds), Aktia Rahastoyhtiö Oy (Aktia funds) and Finnish Industry Investment Ltd. These shareholders have appointed the following persons to the Nomination Board:

  • Vesa Vanha-Honko, OP funds
  • Markus Lindqvist, Aktia funds
  • Keith Bonnici, Finnish Industry Investment Ltd

Petri Salonen, Chairman of Optomed’s Board of Directors, will serve as the Nomination Board's expert member.

According to the resolution of Optomed General Meeting, the Optomed Nomination Board consists of the representatives of Optomed three largest shareholders as of the first trading day September, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors as an expert member. Should a shareholder not wish to exercise the nomination right, the right shall be transferred to the next largest shareholder who otherwise would not be entitled to nominate a member.

The Nomination Board is to prepare proposals on the composition and members of the Board of Directors and their remuneration for the next Annual General Meeting and it will submit its proposal to the Board of Directors 31 January 2022 at the latest.


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Optomed in Brief 

Optomed is a Finnish medical technology company and one of the leading providers of handheld fundus cameras. Optomed combines handheld cameras with software and artificial intelligence with the aim to transform the diagnostic process of blinding eye-diseases such as rapidly increasing diabetic retinopathy. In its business Optomed focuses on eye-screening devices and software solutions related R&D in Finland and sales through different channels in over 60 countries.