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  • Exercise of over-allotment option in relation to the IPO of Optomed Plc and termination of the stabilisation period

Exercise of over-allotment option in relation to the IPO of Optomed Plc and termination of the stabilisation period

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OPTOMED PLC          STOCK EXCHANGE RELEASE                      20 December 2019 at 8 p.m.

Exercise of over-allotment option in relation to the IPO of Optomed Plc and termination of the stabilisation period


With reference to the prospectus published by Optomed Plc ("Optomed" or the "Company") on 22 November 2019 and the stock exchange release published on 4 December 2019 regarding the result of the initial public offering of Optomed (the “Offering”), Optomed has received a notification that Carnegie Investment Bank AB (publ) (“Carnegie”), acting as stabilising manager in the Offering, has today decided to fully exercise the over-allotment option granted by Halma Ventures Limited (“Halma”).

Carnegie will purchase 922,052 shares in the Company from Halma in accordance with the over-allotment option agreed in connection with the Offering at the subscription price in the Offering.

Halma has sold in the Offering a total of 1,900,680 shares in the Company, including the shares sold by exercise of the over-allotment option. After exercising the over-allotment option, Halma does not own any shares in the Company.

No stabilisation measures have been carried out since the listing and as a result of the share price development, Carnegie has decided to terminate the stabilisation period.

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Lars Lindqvist, CFO, Optomed Plc, lars.lindqvist@optomed.com

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Optomed in Brief 

Optomed is a Finnish medical technology company and one of the leading providers of handheld fundus cameras. Optomed combines handheld screening devices with software and artificial intelligence with the aim to transform the diagnostic process of blinding eye-diseases such as rapidly increasing diabetic retinopathy. In its business Optomed focuses on eye-screening devices and software solutions related R&D in Finland and sales through different channels in over 60 countries. The company has an extensive portfolio of 52 international patents protecting the technology. In 2018, Optomed’s revenue reached EUR 12.7 million and pro forma revenue with the acquisition of Commit; Oy amounted to EUR 14.5 million. At the end of September 2019, Optomed employed 105 professionals.


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