Orange Sverige 3G market survey indicates rapid take-up of 3G services in Sweden

ORANGE SVERIGE 3G MARKET SURVEY INDICATES RAPID TAKE-UP OF 3G SERVICES IN SWEDEN Within 5 years of launch 55% of the Swedish consumers will subscribe to 3G mobile services, increasing to over 80% in the longer term. The high acceptance of 3G mobile services, such as mobile Internet access, is underpinned by the willingness to spend substantial additional amounts for these services. These facts were found out in a survey commissioned by Orange Sverige AB and carried out by Temo, a well known Swedish market survey organisation. - Sweden will in many ways serve as the beta-test for the mobile Internet. Orange Sverige is committed to participate in the project to develop Sweden as a trail-blazing and innovative IT and telecom nation. Orange Sverige's primary goal is to offer innovative and user-friendly 3G services to the people of Sweden, says Mr Richard Moat, International Group Director of Finance for Orange UK and keynote speaker at the Telecom Operators Congress in Stockholm today. The survey covered a representative sample of 1,100 Swedish consumers and were carried out during June 2000. The survey indicates that within the next 12 years 80-90% of the population aged 16 and over will be using mobile Internet services. Demand for 3G mobile services is significantly higher in younger age groups. Willingness to pay for 3G services According to the survey, 39% of the potential adopters are, in addition to mobile voice telephony spend, prepared to spend SEK 200 per month on mobile Internet services. 16% are prepared to spend SEK 250, and in the 20-29 age group 51% are prepared to spend SEK 200 per month. This indicates that, by 2007, the additional revenue of the consumer market segment for 3G data services in Sweden, excluding voice revenue and e-commerce revenue, could amount to many billions of SEK. When adding in rd 3G mobile services to businesses, portal revenue and 3 party services the total market value may be substantially larger. Extremely steep adoption curve A particularly striking aspect of the survey is the high proportion of respondents who say they would be "very likely" (overall 22%) to adopt 3G services. The "very likely" 3G service adopters are the innovators. For the complete survey, please visit For further press information please contact: Denise Lewis, Group Director of Corporate Affairs, Orange Orange Media Centre + 44 20 7984 2000 Cecilia Lindgren, PR and Information representative, Orange and France Telecom cellular: + 46 - (0)70 - 697 68 36 Ulrika Andersson, PR and Information Manager, Bredbandsbolaget + 46 733 81 99 02 Tor Krusell, PR and Information Manager, Skanska + 46 70 543 87 47 Pictures and background information on the Orange Consortium are available at: ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: