Ortoma initiates expansion with module for spine surgery

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Safer and more accurate surgical outcome of spine surgery with Ortoma’s surgical system

After a period of assessment of Ortoma’s surgical system for hip surgery, the company is now taking the step next step and initiates expansion of Ortoma Treatment Solution (OTS) with a module also for spine surgery.
– The conclusion after a number of performed surgeries is that our surgical system provides distinct advantages including very high accuracy and safety, which is decisive for the surgical outcome also for spine surgery. Therefore, the board of directors has taken the decision to expand the system to also include spine surgery, comments Linus Byström, CEO of Ortoma.

Ever since OTS was introduced as a generic surgical system for planning and navigation of implants for hip surgery, knee surgery, and spine surgery, the interest from the market has been big. –  The expansion we now start, to include also spine surgery, is also the consequence of interest from a number of larger market players, comments Linus Byström, CEO of Ortoma. 

The system has been verified for hip surgery, where it consistently has shown very high accuracy, and it is deemed suitable to adapt it to other types of joint and spine surgery. The demand in the spine segment is high, and in addition to high accuracy and safety OTS can contribute with savings of time and money. –  We have developed a platform that can handle MR data, which means that the surgeon will be able to plan a spine surgery already based on MR data and only in exceptional cases will need to complement with a CT scan - this will be unique on the market, comments Linus Byström. 

The company will start the work to adapt OTS for spine surgery in the first quarter of 2020. A module for spine surgery can be based on the same basic structure as the module for hip surgery, but will need adaptation and verification in a series of studies.   Ortoma has a history of working in the spine segment and is well equipped with competence, not the least via the chairman of the board of directors, Gunnar Németh, and board member Tommy Hansson, both Professors of Orthopaedics and with years of experience as spine surgeons. – We feel confident with the decision to develop a spine module. The requirements for accuracy in spine surgery are high and we have shown that our system is world leading, concludes Linus Byström.

Ortoma Treatment Solution™ - careful planning and precise surgery.

For more information, please contact:
Ortoma CEO Linus Byström,
Email: linus.bystrom@ortoma.com

About Ortoma AB (publ)

Ortoma AB develops surgical systems for the planning and positioning of implants in hip, knee and spinal surgery. The purpose of the company's surgical system, Ortoma Treatment Solution™ (OTS) is to enable the surgeon to accurately measure and plan 3D surgery for the placement of a joint implant and during the surgery, to optimally position the implant in the patient. Ortoma’s surgical system is aimed at providing better patient outcomes, fewer complications and less follow-up surgeries - and thus better long-term survival rates for the implant. Another aim is to create a system that can be integrated easily into the processes and routines that are currently used in surgeries, thereby increasing efficiency. Ortoma has approximately 1,600 shareholders and the company's B shares are noted on Spotligh Stockmarket. Globally, more than 7.5 million orthopedic procedures are performed each year where OTS could be used in hip, knee and spinal surgery. In Sweden last year around 42,000 surgical procedures were performed involving hip, knee or spinal surgery.


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