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  • OssDsign Partners with Red One Medical to Provide Reconstructive Cranial Solutions and Synthetic Bone Grafts to US Veterans and Military Members

OssDsign Partners with Red One Medical to Provide Reconstructive Cranial Solutions and Synthetic Bone Grafts to US Veterans and Military Members

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Savannah, Ga., Aug. 10, 2021 – OssDsign, a global provider of reconstructive implant solutions, has recently entered into an agreement with Red One Medical, a private sector scout of medical innovation for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Department of Defense (DoD). Through the Distribution and Pricing Agreement (DAPA), American veterans and warfighters will have access to OssDsign’s innovative products for the treatment of patients who have suffered from cranial or spinal bone defects.

"We're proud to have entered into a partnership with Red One Medical, one of the most respected medical technology private sector representatives to the US government,” said Morten Henneveld, CEO, OssDsign.”Red One Medical and the VA only accept the very best, and we see the recognition from our collaborator as a clear acknowledgement of the high quality of our product portfolio. We’re honored to have the opportunity to provide treatment solutions for America’s veterans and military staff."

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is the largest integrated health care system in the US with nearly 1,300 healthcare facilities serving 9 million veterans across the nation. Accessing this significant federal marketplace via Red One Medical, which is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOSB), marks an important commercial step forward for OssDsign. 

OssDsign's  product portfolio consists of innovative implant products in two areas: patient-specific implants for cranial surgeries and a synthetic bone graft for spinal fusion surgeries. Within cranial surgeries, OssDsign Cranial PSI is designed using state-of-the-art technology in material science and advanced 3D printing. Based on a biocompatible calcium phosphate composition, OssDsign Cranial PSI provides an innovative solution for a variety of needs associated with cranial reconstruction. Today, many cranial implant technologies are associated with high rates of costly complications and patient suffering. Multiple studies report infection rates above 10%. In contrast, post-market  surveillance of  OssDsign’s Cranial PSI implants, which have been used in over 1,000 cranioplasties so far, shows an exceptional performance with an observed infection rate of only 2%, leading to implant removal at a median follow up time of 21 months.

For spinal fusion surgeries, OssDsign Catalyst is an innovative nanosynthetic bone graft that stimulates the formation of healthy bone tissue. Data from a recently published pre-clinical study show that OssDsign Catalyst induced rapid and reliable bone formation and that successful fusion was achieved in 100% of the studied subjects at 26 weeks, compared to 60% in the group where a comparable market-cleared device was used.

"We’re always on the lookout for advanced medical products that can improve and transform the lives of America’s veterans and military members,” said Red One Medical’s CEO Charles Pollak. “When it comes to cranial implants, Sweden-based OssDsign is top-of-the-line, and its unique design may help reduce complications from these critical surgeries. We are also very encouraged by the data shown for OssDsign Catalyst and see the potential to improve clinical outcome from spinal fusion surgeries.”

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Rachael Post

For further contact with OssDsign:
Morten Henneveld, CEO, OssDsign AB
Tel: +46 73 382 43 90, email: morten.henneveld@ossdsign.com

About OssDsign
OssDsign’s vision is to provide regenerative solutions to all patients with cranial or spinal bone defects, so they can be restored and healed as naturally as possible. Driven by a commitment to give patients back the lives they deserve, OssDsign collaborates with surgeons to engineer better healing by integrating biomaterials with clinical design. Headquartered in Sweden, OssDsign supplies hospitals worldwide with implants for use in cranial reconstructions and other orthopaedic surgery applications.

About Red One Medical
Red One Medical identifies and delivers advanced medical and pharmaceutical technologies that transform care for America's veterans and military service members. Located in Savannah, GA, Red One Medical is a CVE-certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOSB). It donates a portion of profits to charities that support veterans, military families and their communities.