Remedies trial in Vewd case postponed due to corona virus

As reported to the market on September 14, 2018, Otello was successful in its claim in the High Court of Justice of England and Wales against Moore Frères & Co LLC ("MFC") and Last Lion Holdings Limited (“Last Lion”), arising from the refusal of the Board of Last Lion, which is controlled by appointees of MFC, to approve the sale of Otello’s remaining ownership stake in Last Lion, being approximately 27% in the Vewd Software business. The judge granted Otello the injunction it sought requiring the Board to approve the buyer.


The buyer did not purchase the shares on the terms of the expired Share Purchase Agreement. Otello restored the proceedings in order to pursue alternative remedies, including (1) an order from the Court that MFC be required to buy Otello's shares (and related Loan Note) at the higher of the current valuation of those shares and the price that the buyer was prepared to pay, and (2) that in the event that MFC is unable to purchase the shares at such price, an order that all shares in Last Lion (or Last Lion’s shares in Last Lion Holdco AS) be sold and Otello be paid the sum found to be due to it out of the proceeds of such sale. A trial to determine the relief to which Otello is entitled was listed to take place in a rolling five day window from March 23, 2020. On March 18, 2020 the Court decided to postpone the trial until the court term commencing October 1, 2020 because of the impact of the ongoing corona virus pandemic. The date of the postponed hearing will be fixed by the Court on or before April 6, 2020.


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About Otello:

Otello holds shares in several different businesses, including (i) AdColony which helps publishers monetize their content through advertising and advertisers reach the audiences that build value for their businesses, capitalizing on a global consumer audience reach that exceeds 2 billion; (ii) Bemobi, a Mobile Media and Entertainment company which integrate people and mobile content through technology and offers a leading subscription-based discovery service for mobile apps in Latin America and beyond; (iii) Skyfire which offers cloud-based network solutions for mobile operators and (iv) Vewd which offers OTT services in the Connected TV space