Ötztaler Cycle Marathon 2020. The drawing bowl is empty.

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The start list is full. People born in 1980 are particularly lucky.


As always, the Ötztaler Cycle Marathon captivates a huge number of amateur cyclists. We received 17,000 registrations this year. The 238 km track with 5500 altitude meters across four Alpine passes between North and South Tyrol thrills the masses. On 30 August, four mountains, four great adventures - Kühtai, Brenner pass, Jaufen pass and Timmelsjoch which have become classics - are waiting for the 4000 starters.

Anniversary Bonus

The huge number of registrations for the 40th anniversary of the Ötztaler Cycle Marathon prompted the organization team to give away another 40 extra starting places from the event contingent, to all those born in 1980. 40 forty-year-olds for the 40th edition: a well-rounded affair. There will also be an extra ranking for everyone born in 1980. The round anniversary is celebrated in a proper way.

Under the sign of the Golden Eagle

Many other highlights are currently scheduled, for example the presentation of the anniversary finisher jersey. It can already be admired in the social networks. As you already know, the shirt designed in shades of blue and a hint of gold is dedicated to the golden eagle. The king of the air decorates the back of the precious material in a both stylish and unobtrusive manner. The most important thing at the moment is the e-mails to all participants drawn by lot to confirm their starting place at the Ötztaler Cycle Marathon 2020. For some it is only information, but for most amateur cyclists it is definitely the beginning of a summer with heaps of cycle training units. And last but not least, the 40 drawn forty-year-olds will be notified as well. So the starting field is complete and the Ötztaler Cycle Marathon 2020 can come.

Marathon Track:

Start in Sölden. Rather downhill towards Oetz (800 m). Then uphill to Kühtai (2020 m). Downhill stretch to Kematen and further on towards Innsbruck (600 m). Take a deep breath before you cycle up to Brenner Pass (1377 m). Downhill to Sterzing (960 m). Keep to the right, cycling uphill constantly to Jaufen Pass (2090 m). Take care on the downhill section to St. Leonhard in Passeier (700 m), followed by the big final climb to Timmelsjoch Pass (2509). The undisputed dream destination: Sölden (1377 m)

Mountain Passages:

Warmup / Oetz – Kühtai: 18 km; 1200 altitude meters; Refreshment station at KM 49; Conserving energy / Innsbruck – Brenner Pass: 37.5 km; 777 altitude meters; Refreshment station at KM 121.5; Cautious approach / Sterzing – Jaufen Pass: 15.5 km; 1130 altitude meters; Refreshment station at KM 153; Mountain of fate / St. Leonhard – Timmelsjoch: 29 km; 1759 altitude meters; Refreshment stations at KM 191.5 and 196.

More detailed information: www.oetztaler-radmarathon.com

More high resolution pictures are available here: https://media.oetztal.com/pinaccess/showpin.do?pinCode=A16q6Zxq409w    

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