The BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN starts into the season

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It’s not an ordinary bike park - the BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN (BRS) is a nation for everyone! The season has been kicked off from 08 to 11 June with the ultimate BIKE OPENING. The 2023 season offers a new area suitable for beginners at the SCHTIRGGAR LINE. In addition, the BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN is expanding its national territory with a line in Germany and, thanks to the indoor bike park of AREA 47, is getting a bad-weather alternative directly in Ötztal.

Founded in 2015, the BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN is considered the most individual bike project in the Alps - everything here revolves around fairness, respect and community. Instead of guests there are citizens, instead of ego trips the motto ONE FOR ALL. Regardless of origin, age and skills, all bike fans feel welcome, at home and in the flow at BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN. A huge network of 18 natural trails, 12 ecologically built shaped lines, 13 enduro routes, 214 km of MTB tours and two pump tracks in the valley form a terrific biking playground offering a wide variety of difficulty levels - embedded in the magnificent backdrop of the Ötztal Alps and surrounded by the contagious bike passion of the locals.

The BIKE OPENING of the BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN took place on the weekend of 08 to 11 June. A total of 5900 first-time entries and 25000 rides were counted over the weekend, with around 2000 first-time entries and 8500 rides on Saturday. Thus 75% of the total 8000 people in the area were bikers at the weekend. Program highlights included the BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN Rallye, the Bike Expo with free bike tests, food stands, free riding technique courses and MTB Freestyle Show by X-Sports Show.

New beginner’s terrain in the village center
All beginnings are difficult? Not necessarily, says the BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN and is constantly expanding its infrastructure for beginners. At the start of the 2023 season, a new "Skill Center" will be opened at SCHTIRGGAR LINE. Covering around 400 m², the area offers opportunities for corner training, a drop battery for first jumps and a flat practice area to hone your braking and cornering technique. The freely accessible set-up is perfect for growing into biking step by step. Ready for the terrain? The free Zentrum Shuttle inclined elevator takes you comfortably from the village center to the start of the green SCHTIRGGAR LINE beginner's route. It also takes inexperienced bikers back to the village over long rolling sections and easy steep turns - a sense of achievement is guaranteed! Additionally, the practicing area is equipped with bike wash station, bike racks and seating facilities.

Own "embassy" in German bike park & indoor bike park in Ötztal
From 2023, the BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN will maintain a cooperation with the Green Hill Bike Park near Dortmund, which was only opened last year. That's how it happened that in the middle of the Ruhr area a route will be called BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN! What’s best, the BRS also operates its own naturalization office directly in the Green Hill Bike Park, where bikers can register as BRS citizens and receive the coveted BRS passport. In addition to the exclave in Germany, the BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN is also strengthened at home: in the AREA 47 outdoor adventure park at the entrance to Ötztal, Austria's first and only indoor bike park will open its doors at the end of April 2023. From now on this means: biking non-stop. In the evening, in rainy weather, in winter. The perfect addition to the ultimate outdoor experience on Sölden's trails. The BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN is expanding its passport this year with two trail visas (1 x Green Hill Bike Park, 1 x AREA 47 Indoor Bike Park). Depending on your ambition, you can win valuable goodies with the fully stamped pass: for 6, 12, 18, 29 collected trail visas you get real must-haves for endurists & freeriders. The final mega-goodie powered by POC is available for a maximum of 31 stamps.

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