Outokumpu – Manager transaction: Kari Jordan

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Outokumpu Oyj
Stock exchange release
Manager transaction
December 9, 2019 at 1.45 pm EET

Outokumpu – Manager transaction: Kari Jordan

Outokumpu has received a notification from Kari Jordan, member of the Board of Directors, of a transaction made with its financial instrument, according to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. Detailed information about the transaction is given in the table below.

Name of the manager Kari Jordan
Position in the issuer Member of the Board of Directors
Issuer Outokumpu Oyj
Issuer’s LEI reference 5493009YRUJJDCFF0R80
Notification type Initial notification
Date of the transaction December 4, 2019
Venue Nasdaq Helsinki
Nature of transaction Acquisition
Instrument Outokumpu share (OUT1V, ISIN: FI0009002422) 
Transaction details Volume: 1,311
Volume: 575
Volume: 933
Volume: 1,285
Volume: 1,115
Volume: 885
Volume: 4,000
Volume: 846
Volume: 1,057
Volume: 1,225
Volume: 1,057
Volume: 86
Volume: 105
Volume: 1,183
Volume: 1,000
Volume: 1,500
Volume: 409
Volume: 389
Volume: 1,039
Price: 2.634 (EUR)
Price: 2.633 (EUR) Price: 2.636 (EUR) Price: 2.638 (EUR) Price: 2.640 (EUR) Price: 2.640 (EUR) Price: 2.639 (EUR) Price: 2.635 (EUR) Price: 2.635 (EUR) Price: 2.635 (EUR) Price: 2.635 (EUR) Price: 2.635 (EUR) Price: 2.635 (EUR) Price: 2.635 (EUR) Price: 2.635 (EUR) Price: 2.635 (EUR) Price: 2.635 (EUR) Price: 2.632 (EUR) Price: 2.632 (EUR)
Aggregated transactions Volume: 20,000 Average price: 2.63620 (EUR)
Total ownership of the instrument after the transaction 122,747 shares  

For more information:

Corporate communications, tel. +358 9 421 3840

Outokumpu Oyj

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