Inauguration of new peeling line:Ovako is investing in growth of value-added bar products of IQ-Steel

This new investment provides Ovako with another complete line for peeling and finishing bar products, now within an expanded dimension programme. This means that the company will ensure continued growth in value-added products, particularly in the diesel injection segment.

In January this year, Ovako's head of research and development, Patrik Ölund, won the coveted Kami Prize for his participation in the development of Ovako’s IQ-Steel, which is used in applications such as diesel injection systems. Ovako has long supplied steel for diesel injection systems in cars, trucks and ships. Thanks to this new technology, it has been possible to reduce diesel consumption by approximately 1 litre/100 km. In terms of only the cars where Ovako’s IQ-Steel is used, it is possible to calculate that CO2 emissions have been reduced by 80 million tonnes in total over the last 10 years.

The investment in Ovako’s new peeling line amounts to approximately SEK 70 million.

Facts about the new peeling line:

  • The new line provides additional capacity that will ensure the growth in value-added products.
  • There were already two peeling lines at Hällefors. The new line will be more effective in the narrower dimension area, particularly to address growth in the diesel injection segment.  
  • The peeling line consists of six different highly automated process stages: turning, straightening, chamfering and milling, inspection and finishing.
  • Dimension ranges, diameter 10-60 mm (tolerance IT9), bar length 2,900mm – 7,100mm.
  • The length of the line is 105 m. The installed machine weight is 300 tonnes and requires 1,700 m2 of production floor. 
  • Peeling capacity approx. 24 ktonnes/year
  • Automated steel grading and automated stretch film wrapping are new at Ovako.

For further information, please contact:
Viktoria Karsberg, Head of Group Communications, +46-70-209 93 96
Phetra Ericsson, HR Manager Ovako Hällefors, +46-70-238 19 92

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