OX2 sells 21.6 MW wind farm in Sweden to Fontavis

Fontavis, a Swiss asset manager within the energy and infrastructure field, has signed a purchase agreement with OX2 for six turbines at Stigshöjden with a total output of 21.6 MW.

OX2 began work on the Stigshöjden wind farm, which is in Västernorrland, 35 km southwest of Örnsköldsvik, earlier this year. OX2 will also manage the park for Fontavis when the wind farm is completed in the autumn of 2019. Its expected average production is approximately 62 GWh per year.

“Stigshöjden and the collaboration with OX2 is an ideal starting position to leverage Fontavis’ activities in the Nordics” says Marc Schürch, Director at Fontavis.

“We are very pleased to have established a good and long-term business relationship with Fontavis and are looking forward to delivering another high-quality wind farm,” says Paul Stormoen, Managing Director of OX2 Wind.

OX2 is currently building five wind farms, totalling approximately 360 MW in the Nordic Countries, approximately 235 MW of which is in Sweden.

About Stigshöjden wind farm:
- The facility will consist of six Vestas V117 wind turbines, rated at 3.6 MW, with a total height of 150 metres
- The project site has an average wind speed of about 7.4 metres per second at the turbines’ hub height
- Expected average production of approximately 62 GWh per year, which is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption for 12,400 households (5,000 kWh per household)
- Estimated deployment in the autumn of 2019
- The largest sub-contractors are: Mobjer (bases and groundwork) and E.ON (grid connection).

For more information, please contact:
Paul Stormoen, Managing Director of OX2 Wind, Tel. +46 70-671 18 18, paul.stormoen@ox2.com
Marc Schürch, Director at Fontavis, Tel. +41 41 545 41 00, info@fontavis.ch

About OX2
OX2 is a renewable energy company with operations in wind power, solar power, bioenergy and geothermal energy. By offering sustainable investments, system solutions and products to financial operators, businesses and consumers, OX2 is a driving force in the conversion towards a renewable energy sector and a fossil fuel-free vehicle fleet. The company has offices in Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, France and Germany. Its headquarters are located in Stockholm, Sweden.

OX2 has developed and constructed almost 1200 MW of wind power and is one of the leading players in onshore wind power in northern Europe. In the field of bioenergy, OX2 operates two biogas plants in southern Sweden, with an annual production of approx. 90 GWh of biogas. For more information, please visit www.ox2.com.

About Fontavis
Fontavis is an independent asset manager specialized in energy infrastructure investments in Switzerland and selected Northern- and Western European countries. Fontavis invests on behalf of its clients and its funds in renewable energy generation, energy transmission, as well as other renewable energy infrastructure assets.

Fontavis currently manages more than EUR 500m in 15 portfolio companies. Inter alia Fontavis has closed a 12.25% stake in the offshore “Trianel Windpark Borkum II” in April 2017. Growth is expected to continue firmly and subsequent transactions shall be announced shortly. For more information, please visit www.fontavis.ch.


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About OX2OX2 develops, builds and manages renewable power generation. OX2 has taken a leading position in large-scale onshore wind power over the past 15 years, having generated more than 2,3 GW of wind power in the Nordic region. By constantly increasing access to renewable energy, OX2 is promoting the transition towards a more sustainable future. OX2 has operations in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, Lithuania and France. Its head office is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Sales revenue in 2019 amounted to EUR 463 million. . For more information, please visit: www.ox2.com



Stigshöjden and the collaboration with OX2 is an ideal starting position to leverage Fontavis’ activities in the Nordics.
Marc Schürch, Director at Fontavis.