The Oxford Chinese Dictionary joins Oxford Language Dictionaries Online

Oxford University Press is delighted to announce that the largest, most up-to-date, and most accurate single-volume English-Chinese / Chinese-English dictionary in existence is now available on Oxford Language Dictionaries Online (OLDO -

The Oxford Chinese Dictionary is the first and only dictionary of its size to have been created by English and Chinese publishers working together and is designed for speakers of English learning Chinese as well as speakers of Chinese learning English. Compared to our previous online Chinese dictionary it offers over 90,000 additional headwords across both sides.

As well as the wider headword coverage, Oxford Language Dictionaries Online subscribers will now be able to enjoy all the other benefits of this remarkable work, which include:

Up-to-date vocabulary including affordable housing, online gamer, carbon-neutral, and tracker fund. There is also a wide range of established vocabulary such as credit rating, bendy bus, voluntary redundancy and wedding bells, as well as proper nouns including countries such as Afghanistan.  New Chinese words include播客 (podcast),  数字化 (digitize),  碳排放 (carbon emissions), 电子图书 (e-book), and  基因档案 (genetic profile).

More extensive Tools and Resources, all linked from dictionary entries, such as:

  • improved and extended cultural and lexical usage notes
  • new sections on Chinese kinship terms, surnames, and ethnic groups
  • improved and extended sample letters and emails, including sample CVs
  • new sections on using the telephone and SMS (text) messages

More refined search filters, meaning you can now narrow down a search to more specific registers, such as honorific titles or onomatopoeia; more refined parts of speech, such as transitive or intransitive verbs; and (for English only) more varieties of world English.

Other new and improved features now available on the Chinese-English side of the dictionary include:

  • Mouse over Chinese characters to enlarge them
  • New drop-down feature of the Chinese-English side: a list of potential compounds starting with the character entered will appear as you type
  • Abbreviations from the print dictionary are spelled out in full (for example parts of speech, subject fields)

Now searching OLDO is even easier

The latest update to Oxford Language Dictionaries Online boasts new, simpler search functionality across the whole site, which means that users will now be taken straight to the word they are looking for.

Please retweet! New words in the Russian and Spanish online dictionaries

Another exciting update to OLDO is the addition of new words to the Russian and Spanish bilingual dictionaries, covering technology and social media, finance, science, politics, house design, and ecology. Here are just a few of the newest additions:


  • alternative vote
  • avoision
  • crowdsourcing
  • e-reader
  • infinity pool
  • microfinance
  • netbook
  • retweet
  • social media
  • unfriend


  • acervo genético [gene pool]
  • balcón francés [juliet balcony]
  • ciberacoso [cyberbullying]
  • climatólogo [climatologist]
  • oscarizar [to award an Oscar to]
  • prima de riesgo [risk premium]
  • red social [social network]
  • rescatista [rescuer]
  • venta al descubierto [short selling]
  • virus del Nilo occidental [West Nile virus]


  • amuse-bouche
  • bromance
  • calendarize
  • cognitive behavioural therapy
  • declutter
  • gazillion
  • high-definition TV
  • LOL
  • nanoparticle
  • staycation


  • кулер [water cooler]
  • льготник [recipient of privileges or social benefits]
  • МКАД [Moscow ring road]
  • предоплата [upfront payment]
  • продлёнка [after-school care facility]
  • психануть [ to freak out]
  • разрекламировать [to advertise widely]
  • скриншот [screengrab]
  • скринсейвер [screensaver]
  • твиттинг [tweeting]

The new additions to Oxford Language Dictionaries Online will be available from 31 May 2011.  Press access is available on request.

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