Helvar, an electrical technology company, uses TOSIBOX® technology to protect the monitoring, remote management and servicing of its lighting systems. The secure remote connection not only ensures lighting at the company's new sites but also makes them easier to monitor and service. Tosibox has enabled Helvar to offer a completely new type of maintenance service.

Helvar is a specialist in lighting systems and their control and monitoring systems. The Finnish company manufactures gas-discharge and fluorescent lamp ballasts, LED drivers, LED modules and lighting systems. Helvar chose a piece of technology by Tosibox when rethinking the services it offers as part of its Service Accounts. With the secure connection provided by Tosibox, Helvar is able to remotely monitor the technical data and energy consumption of its sites. The system alerts the monitor to any malfunctions, and Helvar’s staff can then use the secure remote connection to check the alert. At the same time, Helvar's staff can also see if there are any service measures needed and whether they can be performed remotely or require a visit to the site. Thanks to Tosibox's secure remote connection, Helvar can now offer an automatic Service Care Account to all of its new sites for a two-year warranty period. TOSIBOX® technology has become an essential part of Helvar's lighting systems management, and this technology will be installed on all of the company's major new sites.

We experimented with a range of remote management alternatives but ended up rejecting every one of them. However, Tosibox's secure remote connection has now made us a clear market leader. Many customers are already familiar with remote management but the secure connection puts us at the forefront. This is all about the digitalization of daily life. At our largest site, we have 552 routers and over 90,000 light fittings, and now we can safely adjust each fitting and group of fittings, says Helvar's Sales Director Jukka Riikkula 

Helvar's customers consist of offices, educational institutions and public buildings, such as shopping centers. Currently, over 90 % of the Finnish company's turnover comes from abroad.

Helvar's aim is to serve the entire world, just like we do at Tosibox. Using TOSIBOX® technology to enable the remote management of lighting systems is an excellent example of the possibilities provided by digitalization. The secure TOSIBOX® remote connection gives Helvar a head start in the highly competitive international market whilst giving Helvar's customers peace of mind. It's a wonderful thing that two Finnish pioneering companies can join their forces like this, says Tosibox CEO Tero Lepistö

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