Volter Oy, a pioneer of renewable energy solutions in Finland, has enhanced its user-friendliness with the help of Tosibox. Volter, which operates in more than ten countries, now uses the remote TOSIBOX® connection to control all its electricity and heat production plants.

Finnish manufacturer of electricity and heat production plants Volter Oy has taken customer experience to the next level by working with Tosibox. TOSIBOX® technology is now an integral part of Volter’s production plant management, and is installed for all plants that the company delivers. 

“To us, Tosibox means a state-of-the-art high-tech product. It is an easy, fast and secure data connection that is suitable for all our production plants. A plant can now be set up anywhere in the world and can be connected to a remote-control system in a reliable and secure way immediately after installation. The Mobile Client solution created by Tosibox allows secure remote control and monitoring regardless of the device,” says Volter Oy’s Automation Engineer Ilkka Korva. 

Volter Oy’s renewable energy production plants that run on wood chips are used for power and heat generation at agricultural and industrial sites and at public buildings and schools. The company has customers in Europe North America, Japan and Australia. Volter has delivered more than 80 plants to this day. 

“Our collaboration with Volter has allowed us to be very hands-on with digitalisation. Their plants are located all over the world, and connecting them to the network and the remote control system used to be slow and labour-intensive. Using the TOSIBOX® technology, we can offer them secure connections as well as easy monitoring and remote control functions. Being able to monitor your production system with a mobile device is a must nowadays. Volter and Tosibox are two Finnish success stories; they both have the best technology in their business and they complement each other,” says Tosibox’s CEO Tero Lepistö. 

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Tero Lepistö, CEO, Tosibox Oy, tel. +358 50 404 1346  

Tosibox Oy

Tosibox Oy offers an easy and secure remote connection to the internet. The Finnish company aims to develop the best and most secure internet connection in the world to allow, for example, the implementation of solutions for the Internet of Things. Tosibox’ products are used in 114 countries. More information can be found at      

Volter Oy

Volter Oy manufactures small electricity and heat production plants that use wood chips as fuel. We help our customers to be less dependent on energy and to create new business using renewable energy. As local biomasses can be utilised to generate heat and electricity, our solutions support the local economy. Volter’s plants guarantee that customers’ electricity and heat production continues uninterrupted all year round regardless of the weather conditions. More information can be found at