Exercise of convertible bonds in PA Resources AB

10,712 new shares in PA Resources AB (publ) have been registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office as a result of completed conversions of PA Resources' convertible 2008/2014. The 2010 conversion period is thus completed.

The Swedish Companies Registration Office has registered 10,712 new shares in PA Resources AB (publ) as a consequence of convertible bonds with a nominal value of SEK 91,280 being exercised for conversion during the conversion period in September 2010. The conversion price is 8.52 SEK per share after the completed new share issue in June.

Following the registration of the conversions, PA Resource AB's share capital amounts to SEK 318,737,921.50 divided into 637,475,843 shares.

PA Resources has a total of 61,511,319 outstanding convertible bonds with a nominal value of SEK 16 per convertible bond. This means that the total loan amount of outstanding convertible bonds amounts to SEK 984,181,104.

The 2010 conversion period is thus completed. The next conversion period will take place in September 2011.

Stockholm, 5 October 2010
PA Resources AB (publ)

For additional information, please contact:
Ann-Kristin Littorin
Head of Corporate Communication, PA Resources AB
Mobile: +46 73 923 03 68
Telephone: +46 (0)8 440 26 09
E-mail: info@paresources.se

PA Resources AB (publ) is an international oil and gas group with the business strategy to acquire, develop, exploit and divest oil and gas reserves, as well as explore new findings. The Group operates in Tunisia, United Kingdom, Denmark, Greenland, Netherlands, Equatorial Guinea and the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville). PA Resources is one of the largest oil producers in Tunisia and is also producing oil in the Republic of Congo. The parent company is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

PA Resources' net sales amounted to SEK 2,113 million during 2009. The company is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange in Stockholm, Sweden (segment Mid Cap) and on the Oslo Stock Exchange in Norway (segment OB Match). For additional information, please visit www.paresources.se.

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