Pagero publishes forecast of e-invoicing regulations for 2022

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In light of multiple government mandates for countrywide e-invoicing and CTC adoption that will be enforced in the coming twelve months, Pagero has published a regulatory forecast for 2022 and beyond.

One of the main accelerators for the ongoing digitalization of business processes is government-enforced e-invoicing and CTC (continuous transaction controls). Generally driven by the need to stop tax evasion or reduce the VAT gap, government administrations are increasingly implementing policies that demand business be transacted using electronic invoices. The mandates vary widely by country, impacting either all or certain businesses and requiring the fulfilment of certain criteria defined by the policy. 

So far, over 70 jurisdictions have either implemented or are preparing to implement such mandates. Pagero has now shared a summary of the most significant mandates for 2022 and beyond. 

Belgium: B2G e-invoicing mandate
Luxembourg: B2G e-invoicing mandate
China: Start of gradual introduction of countrywide e-invoicing mandate
Panama:  Start of gradual introduction of countrywide e-invoicing mandate
Paraguay:  Start of gradual introduction of countrywide e-invoicing mandate
Peru: Final implementation of countrywide e-invoicing mandate
Italy: Mandatory reporting of cross-border invoices 
Vietnam: Countrywide e-invoicing mandate

Poland: Countrywide e-invoicing mandate
Saudi Arabia: Countrywide e-invoicing mandate, phase 2
Serbia: Countrywide e-invoicing mandate
Japan: Introduction of Qualified Invoice 

France: Countrywide e-invoicing and e-reporting mandate, phase 1

Pagero is continuously sharing more detailed news and information in their Compliance World Map.

“We are excited to see such movement and drive for digitalization across all continents. We have invested in becoming the global leader in e-invoicing and CTC compliance for many years and are now in a great position to meet a growing demand for digitalization”, says Bengt Nilsson, CEO of Pagero. 

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