PainDrainer AB appoints Anki Malmborg Hager as new CEO – mission to lead the eHealth expansion

PainDrainer AB has since 2018 developed the first web-based application for self-management of chronic pain improving the quality of life by giving individual prognosis on how to minimize the pain level through artificial intelligence.  In the US and in Europe there are around 190 million people suffering from chronic pain and over $900 billion are spent in healthcare costs. Anki Malmborg Hager has a long-standing experience of leading life science companies in their early start-up phases, with SenzaGen being the most recent and successful achievement. Anki Malmborg Hager will start as CEO on September 1, focusing on the commercial development of PainDrainer, using its evidence based clinical data. Carl Borrebaeck will then take the role of Chairman of the Board.

Anki Malmborg Hager has extensive experience as CEO in managing and developing innovative life science companies and recently left SenzaGen where she was CEO for 5 years and successfully took the company from a market cap of 5 to 500 million SEK. Prior to SenzaGen, Anki Malmborg Hager was acting CEO of Cantargia and Diaprost. She holds a doctorate degree in Immunotechnology from Lund University as well as a Pharma-MBA from Falconbury.

“I am very pleased to welcome Anki Malmborg Hager as CEO during this expansive growth phase of our innovation journey. She has solid commercial background in the life science sector and will add valuable expertise of developing this exciting and disruptive eHealth company. She also has exactly the necessary skills, vision and determination to build on the foundations that we laid so far” says Carl Borrebaeck, acting CEO today.

“PainDrainer is a very interesting start-up company that has developed an absolutely unique web-based application for self-management of chronic pain. Artificial intelligence and eHealth are two of the latest and most promising technologies that will rule much of our future, and I am excited to explore the potential of this type of business. I very much look forward to being part of this exciting company and build value in the coming years,” says Anki Malmborg Hager.

PainDrainer AB has evolved rapidly since the start in 2018 and is now performing several clinical studies both in USA and Sweden, with a focus to demonstrate the value of its web-based application PainDrainerTM. This application is the first allowing an improved ability for chronic pain patients to manage their pain, identify pain triggers and to achieve an improved quality of life. Using patient-specific data it can give a prognosis of which activities the patient can perform without exceeding a certain pain level. See 

PainDrainer AB is part of the HealthTechNordic program. 

For more information, please contact:
Carl Borrebaeck, CEO, PainDrainer AB
Email: Telephone: +46 708 218330



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