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PainDrainer starts collaboration with a major communication company to introduce wearables into the app

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LUND, SWEDEN – PainDrainer AB, a start-up in Medicon Village, Lund has started a collaboration with an international company to introduce wearables into the app to further enhance the experience and efficacy for chronic pain patients. PainDrainer has developed a unique CE-certified app powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and has demonstrated clinical evidence in a study in the USA. The app demonstrated an ability to increase quality of life and reduce pain level.

When living with pain, it can be challenging to plan day-to-day activities and still have energy left for other activities that are highly valued and beneficial. PainDrainer® is a digital pain coach powered by artificial intelligence, which adapts to each patient’s individual needs. The next generation of the app will introduce wearables to automatically feed parameters, important to the patient, to the artificial intelligence engine.
“We know from clinical studies that PainDrainer® improves the quality of life and reduces the level of pain. We are now working to make PainDrainer® even more user friendly. By combining data from wearables with our expertise in health, we see a very exciting wealth of opportunities to help people living with chronic pain,” says Ann-Christin Malmborg Hager, CEO of PainDrainer AB.
One in five individuals lives with chronic pain. When in pain, it is natural to need rest; however, physical activity can also have a positive effect for pain relief. Physical activities produce hormones which provide pain relief and increase well-being. It is therefore important for every person to find their balance when it comes to physical activities, and PainDrainer® provides this on an individual level.

For more information, please contact:
Ann-Christin Malmborg Hager CEO PainDrainer AB amh@paindrainer.com

About PainDrainer AB
PainDrainer AB is a company developing digital platforms and applications contributing to health and well-being. PainDrainer was founded in 2018 by Prof. Carl Borrebaeck, Dr. Maria Klement (chronic pain patient herself), and Göran Barkfors (IT specialist). The idea was born when Maria, after participating in several pain rehabilitation programs, realized that the pain is affected by more factors than the human brain can keep track of, since all days are different. PainDrainer® uses advanced calculations based on artificial intelligence to coach the user in planning their day not to exceed a certain pain level, and to ensure that there is energy left for activities highly valued.
PainDrainer® has clinical evidence, is based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), self-management and artificial intelligence (AI). It is CE certified and is cleared by FDA as a Mobile Medical Device class 1 with exemption.