Fort and Cole's defy obesity - the natural way

A new brand of premium chocolate launches; packed with so much flavour consumers will only need four squares. 

Fort & Cole's have launched a delicious new product just on the cusp of a change to the way consumers chug chocolate. In the wake of the recent headline hogging claims that UK women are the most obese in Europe, chocolate companies and food manufacturers have announced various approaches to reducing Britain's calorie intake.

Fort & Cole's premium chocolate has a secret weapon to its own strategy for targeting obesity: its intense potency.

Dark and robust, one square of Fort & Cole's 70% cocoa chocolate transports the taster to the rich and tropical rainforests sheltering the prized beans from the heat of the West African sun.  Just one 10g square of the delicious, refined recipe and consumers feel sated, without the need to scoff the whole bar down. Fort & Cole’s chocolate is grown in fertile Ivorian soil. Ivorian farming methods ensure constant attention to the beans can be given, resulting in a finer tasting chocolate.

As women fall to this new criticism, Fort & Cole's Managing Director, Jon-Paul Costoya said "Moderation is the key to enjoying the good things in life. My grandmother enjoyed a regimented two squares of dark chocolate daily." Each of the large, thin squares of Fort & Cole's 70% cocoa Dark Chocolate Orange has a calorie count of 54; the other two flavours - less than 60. The buyer still gets that opulent orange aroma and deep seductive flavour but one or two squares is enough; meaning a 100g bar will last longer than 'fast' consumer bars mass produced. "Our product means people can feel good without feeling guilty." Mr. Costoya said.

Darker chocolates contain high levels of valuable nutrients, such as potassium and iron, part of maintaining a healthy body. Within each delectable square  higher cocoa content bars, such as Fort & Cole's 70% are teeming with antioxidants, which studies suggest combat obesity and related disorders.

 Initially, there are three tantalising flavours to provide the feelgood factor; each in 100g bars. With a classic 70% cocoa option for the chocolate lover who loves luxury; an exotic orange dark blend for those with a penchant for opulence and a lower cocoa milk chocolate for the fan of a fast flavour fix, Fort & Cole's will be extending the range to include seasonal items as the brand gains recognition.

Already stocked in FarmFoods and B&M stores, Fort & Cole's retails at a reasonable £1.49; reflecting the quality of the beans and refined taste of the chocolate and bringing some West African sun to less clement UK days. However, it is on trial price currently for 99p rendering each 10g just 10p.

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