Geeks gen up Nan's grasp of Google to bridge generation gap

A team of expert mobile IT guys launch iPad training for seniors in an attempt to help bring the generations closer together.

Back in 2004 when being a mobile IT repair man was cutting edge, Anthony Ryder created Geeks on Wheels as a service to help save those with less IT knowledge time and money on frustrating computer breakages and data recovery. In the spirit of diversifying, just like the industry they have chosen to specialise in; Geeks on Wheels have added several other important services to their repertoire over the years, including a one-to-one training service for seniors. Based in Finchley, their services cover London, Brighton and Sussex areas.

Following the announcement in April made by David Cameron that doctors were attempting to diversify and offer digital discussions with some patients, Mr. Ryder felt concerned for the seniors in his life and their capabilities when it came to computing. "Yes, the digitalising of doctors diaries could be a great way to increase availability in the NHS and offering the elderly iPads is an excellent idea in theory", he said. "however, how many people over 55 do you know who can use tablets and smartphones effectively?" The good news is that more and more seniors are getting to grips with technology, as the number of tablet users in the 65-74 year old age bracket has trebled in recent years. However, this still only means that around 17% have entered the digital age.

Mr. Ryder has chosen to take Geeks on Wheels in the direction of closing the generation gap by offering training to seniors: either on site in Finchley or sticking to their mobile motivation and training people in one-to-one sessions in their homes. He said, "I trained my Nan first. When she told her friends she spoke to me on her tablet, they all thought she'd popped the wrong medicine! We need to include all generations in the digital age. Their lives might actually depend on it."

Offering a range of services far beyond data recovery, computer training and repairs, Geeks on Wheels are digital doctors. From pushing pixels to cutting code, their tenacious geeks can help people of any generation with any number of IT problems and their feedback is charted visibly on their site with no aspect reaching lower than a 9.9. Excelling in the quality of service, each mobile geek is a problem solver with the customer at the heart of their service.

Suitable for business or domestic purposes, Geeks on Wheels can provide a range of  general IT support services including: server / network installation & maintenance; internet security, virus and malware protection; office relocations; remote computer support; Google apps / Office 365 setup and migration; and of course computer software and hardware support.

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17% of seniors are internet savvy
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