Local lady is nominated for leading limescale loss

Founder of Bristol company Threesixty (Plumbing and Heating) Services receives nomination for Women’s Innovation Award with product that helps raise Bristol’s Green Capital status

Famed for its alternative ‘green thinking’ Bristol celebrates this year as it has been crowned Green Capital of Europe. A leading business woman in a predominantly male industry has been nominated for the prestigious Women in Business Awards 2015. Sam Mant is the Managing Director for Threesixty Services Ltd based on the city’s glorious Gloucester Road. Whilst many people wish for softer water, they also prioritise ensuring they are eco-friendly; for which Sam has introduced a solution.

Aligned with Bristol's status Threesixty have been providing quality provision of a high-end plumbing and heating engineering service for some years now. As such, they are working on a hands-on showroom for green minded householders to come and view the eco-friendly plumbing devices available. These have an added advantage of also saving money for householders immediately, by removing lime scale from their hot water systems. Leading innovation in this area, Sam has received the nomination at a great time for the city.

Thrilled with the nomination, innovator and businesswoman Sam Mant said, "It’s great to be recognised for leading the way in a mostly male-dominated industry, and also great news that eco-friendly products are being recognised in line with Bristol Green Capital status.” Ecosoft, for example allows customers to enjoy benefits of softer water whilst helping the planet, and supporting the Green Capital aims by reducing domestic energy consumption. It’s for the introduction of this product onto the UK market that Sam has been nominated for the Women in Business Awards here in Bath and Bristol.

Essentially an alloy comprised of 12 metals, the Ecosoft Water Conditioner is new to the UK, but has been successfully used overseas for the last 30 years. It can be installed into the plumbing of regular pipes to remove all existing lime scale and prevent any future build-up of lime scale. As the water tumbles over the alloy, a reaction occurs; changing the shape of the mineral molecules in it.  As a result they no longer precipitate and so don’t attach to the surfaces around them: whilst creating the benefits of softer water.

Those with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis will know that location changes the type of water used. In harder water areas, itchy, flaky skin can really flare up, whereas soft water is kinder on the skin. Ecosoft customers have enjoyed the benefits of softer water for the whole family.

As the treated water flows through pipes and appliances in a property, the minerals in their altered state come into contact with the existing lime scale molecules and dissolve them layer by layer. The change in the shape of the mineral molecules means the surface tension of the water drops; transforming it into softer water.

The awards ceremony takes place this Thursday the 19th, where Sam and other nominees have been invited to attend a black tie event.

For more information about the products, please see http://www.ecosoftwater.co.uk , or www.threesixtyplumbing.co.uk , for further information about the awards see http://www.bristolpost.co.uk/ wiba


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