Lose the limescale: green legs and scram!

A Bristol company demonstrates its product Ecosoft Water Conditioner at the NSBRC to give softer, greener showers by eliminating limescale

Whether it's in a box or with a fox, with a mouse or in a house, here or there or anywhere; green legs or green water isn't an image many people would wish to have. However, softer water that's eco friendly and saves money sounds a whole lot more attractive. Bristol company Threesixty Services Ltd have just completed training 6 “Ambasssadors” in how the Ecosoft works to reduce limescale in the home, office or commercial premises.

Aligned with Bristol's exciting BIG Green Week event, the team will be demonstrating the product and its softening capabilities at the National Self Build & Renovation Centre in Swindon this weekend 20-22 of June. Head of UK sales, Sam Mant said, "we are excited to be demonstrating this eco friendly product during Green Week. Not only is it kinder to your skin but to the environment too."

Made from a unique blend of 12 metals, the Ecosoft Water Conditioner is new to the UK, but has been used in Australia for the last 30 years. It can be installed into the regular pipework to eliminate the build up of limescale and to remove all the limescale that’s already there. As the water tumbles over the alloy, a reaction occurs; changing the shape of the mineral molecules in it.  As a result they no longer precipitate and so don’t attach to the surfaces around them: softening the water.

Those with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis will know that location changes the type of water used. In harder water areas, itchy, flaky skin can really flare up, whereas soft water is kinder on the skin. Ecosoft customers have enjoyed the benefits of softer water for the whole family.

As the galvanised water flows through pipes and appliances in a property, the minerals in their altered state come into contact with the existing limescale molecules and dissolves it layer by layer. The change in the shape of the mineral molecules means the surface tension of the water drops; transforming it into softer water.

Replacing an existing section of  pipe with the Ecosoft Water Conditioner is quick and easy, plus it starts working immediately after installation. The unit doesn’t take up any extra space, won’t need any special plumbing and uses no electricity, salts or chemicals. It’s so simple that customers can install it themselves. Sam said, "this is why the NSBRC is a perfect venue for us to introduce this fantastic idea to UK homeowners. It's simple enough that my Dad managed to install his!"

To catch Ecosoft demonstrations, please visit the NSBRC this weekend or to request more information please visit the Ecosoft website at http://www.threesixtyplumbing.co.uk/ecosoft/



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