Planning professional Mum's heart is in symbiosis of design and heritage

An expert planner from Bristol sees beauty in vacant spaces and heritage sites

Julie Laming, a freelance planning consultant from Bristol, is a problem solver. She loves to seek out the projects involving the development of sites that are listed or in Conservation Areas and plan around their existing assets; working with independent architects and development firms to be an honest voice in the field of planning. Having set up her business Planning Ventures earlier this year, Julie Laming can help clients navigate their way through the complex Planning system; which has become increasingly difficult to understand. as the Government incessantly introduces changes and amendments to encourage development, provide more housing and generally get the economy moving.

Having worked on a range of small and large scale projects for the conversion and adaptation of listed buildings and demolition and new build schemes in Conservation Areas; Julie's passion is for the creation of quality places and spaces that add something back to their locations, whilst addressing sustainability. She said, " I strongly believe that development should add to the community in which it is situated and should be not an isolated form of development. This is key to what Bristol's Green Capital is seeking to achieve. " She strongly believes that heritage assets should work, adapt and evolve with new development: enabling them to continue to be used and thrive as functional buildings and spaces within communities. The majority of listed buildings shouldn't be viewed as museum pieces that need to be preserved at all costs; they need to be loved, respected and integrated into new developments to secure their future and enhance the quality of new development. Change doesn't mean that listed or even older buildings should lose their integrity, it just needs to be managed positively.

Providing planning advice; managing the planning application and appeal process;  helping to produce a masterplan, development brief or neighbourhood plan or leading stakeholder consultation: Julie is professional and friendly. An expert in stakeholder liaisons, Julie's forte is in her ability to  adapt; leaving clients in a safe pair of hands. She can either manage an entire project or provide planning input through the production of appraisals, supporting statements, committee statements and appeal statements. Julie said, "I can dip in and out of the planning process as much or as little as needed."

Julie is an RTPI appointed ambassador for planners countrywide with the Royal Town Planning Institute's Future Planners initiative. As a mother of two, Julie believes children hold the key to putting something back into society. What excites Julie about the RTPI's initiative is "the thought of igniting a spark in young people's minds about creating their own sustainable, high quality and dynamic spaces to live in the future" The RTPI's scheme introduces students to the sometimes crazy world of planning and the importance of shaping their environmental future; something at the core of Planning Ventures.

Juggling raising two small children and managing her own business makes Julie a busy lady, but her own aspirations are not limited to motherhood, planning and delivering a sustainable future. The entrepreneurial spirit has spurred Julie on to begin an exciting new venture later this year which nourishes her soul by creating bespoke floral designs. Bristol and its future are lucky to have inspirational women like Julie contributing to its Green Capital status and leading a legacy of lifelong learning for its students.

To find out more about the services Julie offers through Planning Ventures, please view her website at 


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Planning Ventures is a freelance planning consultancy, based in Bristol, offering help to guide you through the planning system and its processes. Owner and founder Julie Laming has extensive private sector experience; having worked with a leading independent planning consultancy between 1997- 2013. Planning Ventures seeks to help integrate new builds and heritage sites; helping developmen add to the community. 

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