Rebel opens its doors to public once more

Penryn’s Rebel Brewing Company announce open day to celebrate member’s club

To herald August in, Penryn’s own Rebel Brewing Co are having an open day to announce their member’s club. The membership club is set to launch on the Crowdfunder platform, and seeks to give fans merchandise and bargains on their award winning beers, through an annual membership.

On the 1st of August, the company wish to invite all over 18s to come and see the new kit in action. Brewery tours will run continuously throughout the day, and anyone attending will get to sample the full Rebel range and learn about the Crowdfunding opportunities.

Having got 4 years of brewing under their belt, the company recently invested profits in a brand new high quality brew kit, with an output of up to 18,000 pints of award winning ales every week. With 50 new signups in the last month, the new kit’s quality speaks for itself. It has also increased the quantity of ale produced; meaning the brewery are set to take on new pubs, bars and restaurants to hoist the sails of this craft ale, and continue to grow.

With the delicate, refreshing Surfbum at just 3.5% giving citrusy peach notes, a cool summery beer with a lighter finish will make the perfect accompaniment to a hot day. Whereas if the unpredictable Cornish weather results in stormier skies, delicious thick and malty 80 Shilling is like a drinkable hug, and the 8.5% stout Mexi-cocoa transports drinkers to the centre of Mexico. Rebel make a core range of seven classic ales, and plan to continue to develop new beers using the subscription fees.

Head brewer and founder of the company Rob Lowe said, “We have been looking to focus on getting the quality just right, and we’re now confident that our classic range is the best ever. We want to thank our loyal customers by offering benefits, and free tours.” Now stocked nationally, The Rebel Brewing Co have a strong following throughout Cornwall and the rest of the UK.

There will be a burger van on site to provide sustenance for those in attendance, and the brewery is accessible by buses to ASDA.

To find out more about Rebel, see their website at

Rebel Brewing Co


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