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Information about Panion’s decisions based on the outcome of Combigene’s bid

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 Panion’s board and directors held a board meeting on the 12.th of July 2019 to discuss the outcome of Combigene’s offer to the shareholders in Panion. 

 Panion’s board announces the following decisions based on Combigene’s fulfilling of the offer to take over 88.35% of shares and 84.91% of warrants in Panion with the transaction-date starting on the 25.th of July 2019.

Combigene has expressed a request for an extraordinary general assembly (EGA) and this will be planned for the 20.th of August 2019. An official announcement will follow later. The prospect prepared earlier this year for a share emission in Panion has been withdrawn at the Finansinspektionen.

The members of Panion’s board and directors, who hold shares in Panion, have accepted the offer from Combigene and will transfer these to become shareholders in Combigene. This will be reported to the Finansinspektionen according to current rules.

The clinical study in dogs in the USA will be suspended to delay patient enrolment until after the decisions of the EGA are known.

The Q2-19 report for Panion, which was planned to be published on the 22.nd of August 2019 will be postponed to the 29.th of August 2019 due to proximity with the EGA.

Anja E. H. Holm, CEO
+ 45-22 94 66 00

Bolaget ska utveckla och kommersialisera genterapi för behandling av epilepsiliknande tillstånd hos hundar och andra djur, samt utveckla och kommersialisera andra veterinärmedicinska produkter och nya behandlingsformer som kan ge sjuka djur bättre livskvalitet.
Panion will develop and commercialize a gene therapy treatment for dogs with drug refractory epilepsy, and other new animal health products and treatments that improve the quality of life for animals suffering from chronic diseases.

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