A sunny offering: Own the experience of natural light, not the system

This press release is based on the press release published in Swedish on April 7, 2020.
Parans extends its offer of natural light. Parans goes from offering a system to offering a service. From spring 2020, it will be possible to lease sunlight via the Paransystem instead of buying it. Together with Parans' partner Siemens Financial Services, a complete service agreement is offered which includes all hardware and software.

Parans, in collaboration with Siemens Financial Services, now has the opportunity to offer natural light to property owners, employers and everyone else who needs natural light indoors at a monthly cost instead of buying and owning a Parans system. Parans goes from offering a system to offering a service. By offering at a monthly cost collector, fiber cables, installation, service and support, Parans' solution come better to its right, instead of having the customer buying the system. It is the experience that is sold.

-Since it is the final product, ie. the sunlight, which is of interest to the customer, both to utilize the health aspects that natural light entails in the property and at the same time create the basis for opportunities for energy efficiency, this is an investment that is made together with Parans, says Kalle Gyllunger, Key Account Manager at Siemens Financial Services. Therefore, it is more natural to rent the required equipment and through a complete service agreement let Parans take care of maintenance and service and create the basis for opportunities for energy savings.

- Customers are used to service offers for IT, cars, machinery and more, and we believe that our offering corresponds to how more and more companies are choosing not to tie their capital, but rather rent what they need, says Fredrik Johansson, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing at Parans. Since we at Parans know what added value natural daylight adds to all kinds of indoor environments, we want to make the experience accessible to as many people as possible. Instead of owning your own Parans system, you can now choose to rent your sunlight.


For more information, please contact:

Anders Koritz, CEO at Parans Solar Lighting AB (publ), phone +46 733 211635, anders.koritz@parans.com www.parans.com

About Parans Solar Lighting AB (publ)
Parans Solar Lighting offers sunlight for indoor environments through an innovative system that captures and leads the rays of the sun. Parans, which developed the technology, turns mainly to property owners, architects and larger employers worldwide. Pa-rans Solar Lighting is quoted on Spotlight Stock Market and has office in Mölndal, Sweden.
How the Parans system work: https://youtu.be/eflcbj2lpWo





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