Distributor in Thailand invests in Parans system

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This press release is based on the press release published in Swedish on March 8th, 2021.
Parans has received an order for a Parans system from its distributor in Thailand. The Parans system will be installed in the distributor's office to be displayed to potential customers in the Thai market.

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Parans and IQ Technologies Asia Co Ldt (“IQ Tech ”) entered into a distributor agreement in November 2019 (see press release dated 251119). The parties just had time to start their cooperation when the ongoing pandemic took off. Like so many other companies, IQ Tech has focused on the core critical business and activities, but the company is now ready to increase its activities to market and sell Parans' solutions. One step in this is to install a Parans system in its office to be able to display it to potential customers. Natural light via the Parans system will be spread in the working space. The order has a symbolic value for Parans. The installation is expected to take place in June 2021. IQ Technologies will install the system with support from Parans' installation technicians in Sweden via a link.

IQ Tech is a well-established company in Thailand that offers, among other things, products in which the software offering is a prominent part. They work, among other things, with property owners, large employers such as hospital contractors with system sales. The company is head-quartered in Bangkok.

- We are pleased that IQ Tech sees that it now is a good time to begin marketing and selling our solution, which was intended to gain momentum about a year ago. It is important to be able to show our solution to potential customers, both the experience itself but also to be able to show the integration of the software solution that can be done. IQ Tech has seen increased demand from customers for our solution in their market and looks forward to letting this take off, says David Leff-Hallstein, International Sales Manager Asia at Parans.



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Parans Solar Lighting offers sunlight for indoor environments through an innovative system that captures and leads the rays of the sun. Parans, which developed the technology, turns mainly to property owners, architects and larger employers worldwide. Parans Solar Lighting is quoted on Spotlight Stock Market and has office in Mölndal, Sweden.
How the Parans system work: https://youtu.be/eflcbj2lpWo





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