Installation at innovative Hong Kong Science Technology Park

The Parans system has been installed at Hong Kong Science Technology Park (“HKSTP”). The technology park is a hub for companies at the forefront within innovative technical solutions and the SP4 system will get great exposure towards both potential customers and be experienced by thousands of people passing by daily at the facilities.  

The sunlight via the Parans system is diffused over, among other areas, a green wall, close to the entrance and gives the visitor a bright and welcoming impression. Parans’ software will, via the extensive infrastructure for information and communication technology of the building, be integrated in the buildings intelligent control system. The customer will in real time see the utilization level of the system and for example delivered amount of sun hours. This is important information for both the operators and the real estate owner.

HKSTP is a hub for companies at the forefront of the innovative technology sector, for example green technology, information and communication technology. Several companies are focused at solutions for “Smart Cities”, and the hub HKSTP is often described as a living lab whose companies support innovative solutions and the introduction of new technology. The Parans system will therefore get good exposure and give Parans’ Hong Kong partner insight in how Parans solutions may be used on a larger scale in “Smart Cities”.

- This installation is important for us and our partner as we now have the possibility to be exposed to relevant target groups and able to show what the system is able to contribute with in terms of  software, says Anders Koritz, CEO at Parans. For example, our “Parans Service Cloud” will be integrated with the intelligent systems of the property and Parans can contribute with unique operating data which, by extension, will enable implementation of energy savings.  

For more information, please contact:

Anders Koritz, CEO at Parans Solar Lighting AB (publ), phone +46 733 211635,

About Parans Solar Lighting AB (publ)

Parans Solar Lighting offers sunlight for indoor environments through an innovative system that captures and leads the rays of the sun. Parans, which developed and patented the technology, turns mainly to property owners, architects and larger employers worldwide. Parans Solar Lighting is quoted on Spotlight Stock Market and has office in Mölndal, Sweden.

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