Up for auction: leading artists and designers create unique Oxfam Advent Calendar

25 renowned artists have created boxes filled with handmade gifts to form a unique advent calendar for global courier ParcelHero’s Oxfam campaign. Who will own it?

A very special eBay auction is taking place to raise money for Oxfam. The top bidder will secure a set of 25 unique boxes, each filled with a handcrafted gift, that form a one-of-a-kind advent calendar. The boxes have been created by many of the world’s leading artists and artisans for this extraordinary project, organised by international courier ParcelHero.

25 well-known craftsmen and women, famous for their arts and crafts blogs across the globe, have donated their time and skills to create this amazing collection. The designers include Matt Jones of Lunartik, Jenny Barnett Rohrs of Craft Test Dummies, Hilary Pullen of UK Craft Blog and Pablo Lentile.

ParcelHero’s Head of Public Relations, David Jinks, explains: ‘This October, 25 identical plain wooden boxes arrived at ParcelHero HQ and we set about shipping them to artists and craft bloggers around the world, via our network of couriers, with one simple challenge: turn them into something spectacular.’

Says David: ‘The design brief was simple. The bloggers were given total creative freedom to decorate the boxes inside and outside. We just asked that they include a handcrafted gift inside. All these craftsmen and women gave their time and materials free of charge to raise money for Oxfam this Christmas. And in our wildest dreams no one at ParcelHero could have predicted the variety and quality of the completed advent boxes that came back to us, from artists across the UK, Europe and the USA.

‘The boxes have varied from shaker-style simplicity to ornate and lavish creations, and the gifts inside range from unique fridge magnets, wooden spacemen and picture frames to a complete miniature dolls house. You can see images of these exclusive works of art in our ParcelHero Advent Calendar blog.’

David adds: ‘This is probably the most unique and inspired advent calendar ever created; but sadly only one person can own it. ParcelHero is auctioning the calendar on its official eBay site now and the auction will close on November 26th. Of course, all the money raised will go directly to Oxfam in time for Christmas.’

Oxfam’s Partnerships Manager Peter Hall has been overwhelmed by the response to ParcelHero’s campaign. He says: ‘Oxfam gives a massive thankyou to every artist who has taken part. These advent boxes will help change lives. We are so impressed with the amount of effort and creativity that has gone into these creations. Let's hope they raise loads of funds to help Oxfam end poverty sooner! Happy bidding!’

For your chance to own this once in a generation Christmas calendar place your bid at https://www.parcelhero.com/blog/christmas/bid-to-win-this-incredible-advent-calendar

ParcelHero thanks all the artists and crafts bloggers who have contributed to the project. Find out more about their work at: Craft Test Dummies, Jennie Maizel’s Craft Blog, Lunartik, Cider with Sophie, Fairy Tale Pretty Picture, Where Wishes Come From, Lipsticks and Lashes, By Niels de Jong, One Found Seven, Wallflower Girl, The Two Darlings, Chirps from a Littered Hen, Canadian Abroad, Inside Out and About, Fizzy Peaches, Angel Eden Blog,  Look at What I Made, Pablo Lentile, Jessthetics, Nostalgiecat, Sew Sweet Violet, Linda Dykes, Patricia Conesa, The Ordinary Lovely and Styled by Charlie.

For more information please contact David Jinks, Head of PR, on david@parcelhero.com or by phone on 0208 7584962 (07772 055748 out of office hours)

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