Wellington Market’s Ghostly Visitor

On the 4th May 2013, Wellington’s popular indoor market would seem to have received a visit from a ghostly apparition. 

Staff from the market discovered that there had been an apparent intruder when they opened up on Saturday morning and found a large amount of stock from a shoe stall had been scattered down a metal staircase leading to the market manager’s office.  A quick viewing of the market’s security camera footage revealed something altogether more sinister.

Kay Boakye, the market’s manager, explained: “It was really creepy looking at the footage from the camera, we could see a very faint ghostly shape moving up the stairs – shifting from the left-hand side to the right, then all of a sudden, the boxes that had been stacked on the roof of the shoe stall seem to be pulled over – cascading down the steps.”

“I’m normally very sceptical about this type of thing, but having looked at the boxes afterwards, they were heavy and had been securely stacked.”

David Chapman, caretaker, added: “This isn’t the first strange thing that’s happened in the market – we have often spotted figures moving throughout the market’s main hall – whilst all of the doors are locked. On one occasion, whilst sweeping up, the team here heard coughing sounds – when there was nobody else in the market and all doors were locked.”

“The room at the top of the stairs has a strange feeling about it and I quite often notice an unusual temperature change whilst I’m working in there. It can be really warm outside, but incredibly chilly in there and change rapidly.

“There’s definitely something strange going on and after seeing the footage from Saturday morning’s visit, I’m a little more convinced that we have a resident ghost!”

Established in 1244 by a Royal Charter, the market has been at the centre of the thriving market town and will have undoubtedly seen a lot of events take place over the centuries. According to locals, the market is sited adjacent to an historic site where executions used to take place, so this could be a clue to the ghostly presence.

Kay Boakye concluded: “Word of our visitor has spread and we’re expecting to receive requests from paranormal experts, who’ll want to come along and see if there’s any other signs of ghostly activity.”

“Whatever it is, it must be nice as the overall atmosphere in the market is good, so we don’t mind future visits – just as long as it tidies up after itself!”


Video Footage

Video footage can be viewed via the following link: http://youtu.be/WlS9vJgLxoY

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