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  • Partinc Capital and PAQT.com seek investment opportunities between €500,000 and 2 million in Dutch B2B SaaS scale-ups

Partinc Capital and PAQT.com seek investment opportunities between €500,000 and 2 million in Dutch B2B SaaS scale-ups

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To help Dutch B2B-SaaS companies with their next (international) growth step, the Swedish Partinc Capital and software developer PAQT have joined forces. There are now many opportunities for scale-ups that have to do with money and technology. A good technical partner is therefore, just like investments, only part of the solution. Now that Utrecht-based PAQT and Partinc have united those two parts, they can offer a huge opportunity to B2B-SaaS scale-ups with mission critical solutions.

PAQT is a tech partner connected to various successful SaaS applications such as the award-winning VoorleesExpress, Key2Control and the innovative LesLab. PAQT is therefore specialized in solutions for business-critical processes within organizations. This vision on partnership fits in perfectly with Partinc Capital. They invest in exactly these types of companies and are then also available as partners. With hands-on advice for building successful growth businesses, they maximize the value growth of the SaaS companies they invest in.

Through our Amsterdam-based team, we have been discussing working with PAQT over the past few months and I am pleased that we have formalized this partnership. With PAQT's offerings and position in the market, and our experience scaling software companies, I believe we can be a strong force to support B2B SaaS companies in their scaling journey.” says Per Nordling, Co-founder & Partner Partinc Capital.

Although it is a challenge for software-intensive scale-ups to really take a growth step, this is usually not due to the potential of the solution. Good, sustainable and, above all, scalable technology is the basis for taking that next step. However, the costs of technology cannot simply be borne by an organization in a growing phase. It is therefore often the case that short-term solutions are chosen. In addition, the technology has become so complicated that only a team that is completely familiar with the latest techniques is able to build future-proof software. Such a team of experts is unfeasible for most scale-ups. And that pays off in the long run. A shame, according to both Partinc and PAQT. With this solution, the two biggest concerns of scale-ups are covered and the focus can be where it belongs: on selling the solution.

The collaboration between the two organizations is not only based on wanting to help scale-ups move forward: Partinc and PAQT have a number of defining similarities. For example, they both specialize in mission critical B2B SaaS organizations with a current license turnover between € 250,000 and 1.5 million. And where PAQT helps their customers move forward by supplying strategically thought-out and business validated software, Partinc is an experienced strategic partner in the field of growth and capital injections. With a ticket size between €500,000 and €2 million, they expect to be able to make a decisive contribution to Dutch scale-ups.

About  Partinc Capital
Partinc Capital is a Swedish investment company focused on investments in SaaS companies that provide software services for business-to-business relationships. Partinc Capital is an active investor that works closely with its portfolio companies. The company has offices in Sweden and the Netherlands. The company invests in Scandinavia and in the Benelux. See also www.partincapital.com. Per Nordling, Founder & Partner, per.nordling@partinccapital.com. 

About PAQT.com
Go digital. create impact. This Utrecht company was founded in 2014 by Robert Horsmans and Maurits Dijkgraaf and has a clear vision on software development. The two young entrepreneurs managed to win several awards with this vision, the accompanying pragmatic approach and the strong growth of the company. With PAQT, scaling up and professionalizing software scale-ups is easy and clear. PAQT currently employs almost 60 specialists in six development teams. The company is one of the few in the industry to be ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified and manages more than 60 applications.