Finnish Patent and Registration Office starts using artificial intelligence to evaluate patent applications

Artificial intelligence estimates the novelty of a patent application by comparing it to over 16 million patent publications, and provides the examiner with recommendation list of closest technology and possible obstacles of patent grant.

The Finnish Patent and Registrations Office (PRH) and Teqmine Analytics Ltd. have signed a contract to supply artificial intelligence system for PRH to evaluate patent applications and inventions.

“Processing patent applications with artificial intelligence is the future, and PRH wants to be at the international frontier when it comes to application of artificial intelligence in patent evaluation. Collaboration with a Finnish AI-Startup enables us to strengthen Finnish invention and AI capabilities, as well as secure that Finland continues to be one of the most innovative countries of the world, ” says Head of Division at PRH, Jorma Lehtonen.

PRH and Teqmine have launched collaboration to apply artificial intelligence in patent application evaluation in 2017, and the now concluded contract continues this work, as well as extends to include also collaboration to improve the accuracy and quality of artificial intelligence.

“Teqmine is the only company in the world that has made commercially available an artificial intelligence trained with full-text patent specifications, and collaboration with the Patent and Registrations Office signals an important step for the credibility of artificial intelligence,” says the CEO of Teqmine Analytics, Hannes Toivanen.

The PRH comes under the administrative sector of the Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and is the Finnish government body responsible for intellectual property rights, including granting patents. The PRH is an International Searching Authority (ISA) and International Preliminary Examining Authority (IPEA) for international PCT patent applications.

Teqmine Analytics Oy is 2013 founded and Helsinki, Finland, based startup that develops artificial intelligence for patent and technology intelligence to support technology organizations.

Further Information:
Jorma Lehtonen
Head of Division
Tel +358 29 509 5904

Hannes Toivanen
Teqmine Analytics Oy
Tel +358 50 400 2947


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