CHICAGO, IL March 17, 2015 – PDQ Enterprises, LLC, the developer of the PDQ ATS equity trading venue, today announced that PDQ ATS, Inc. has entered an agreement with Instinet, LLC (member SIPC) to provide clients with access to PDQ ATS through Instinet’s Newport® 3 platform. PDQ ATS is a groundbreaking trading platform that aggregates unique liquidity by utilizing advanced technology that focuses on holistic execution, rather than solely on speed.  It provides the equity trading marketplace with various on-demand auction products developed with a singular purpose – providing a more effective market structure for all participants.


As Instinet’s premier trading platform, Newport® 3 is a global, multi-asset execution management system built to match each user’s unique trading style.  With Newport, clients can build complex order strategies incorporating the distinctive competencies of leading broker algorithmic suites and other global liquidity sources.   Additionally, Newport allows clients to source liquidity across hundreds of destinations in Instinet’s growing multi-asset global network.


Keith Ross, CEO of PDQ Enterprises, commented on today’s news, “Our integration with Newport represents another achievement for PDQ ATS, and we are very pleased that Instinet’s diverse client base will now have the option to access our innovative trading solutions.  PDQ ATS has experienced significant growth over the past year, and now executes a combined ~100MM shares per day through both its auction-based matching engine and custom router.  We believe the connection to Newport will allow us to increase our market share even further as traders recognize PDQ ATS’s unique advantages.”


PDQ ATS provides a secure, safe and fair marketplace for all investors.  Its patented and proprietary trading technology addresses the chronic issues facing both traders and institutions through the industry’s only offering of on-demand auctions for each trade.  PDQ aggregates unique liquidity in response to each order, consolidating contra liquidity during the auction pause.  Liquidity providers respond to each order with their best available markets, limiting volatility and creating competition among all market participants.  PDQ’s process improves trading efficiencies, uniquely addressing today’s market issues and the challenges of modern electronic trading.



Jay Morakis (for PDQ Enterprises)

M Group Strategic Communications





PDQ Enterprises, LLC (PDQ), is the developer of the PDQ Alternative Trading System (ATS), an electronic U.S. equities trading venue that aggregates unique liquidity in response to each market order. The PDQ pause process creates competition for each order among all market participants, maximizing improved price opportunities and diminishing the risk of predatory trading.  PDQ ATS, Inc. is a registered broker-dealer, member FINRA and SIPC. 


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