Peppy Pals Joins as Partner within Google for Education Integrated Solutions Initiative

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Peppy Pals, supported by LEGO Ventures and provider of innovative digital solutions within social and emotional learning in grades PreK-3, announced today that they have joined the Google for Education Integrated Solutions Initiative. Peppy Pals has built strong integrations with Google for Education products, including Google Sign In, Share to Google Classroom, and Google Calendar support.

The teaching aid Peppy Pals School was launched in 2019 and quickly gained traction in Sweden and abroad. Since then, Peppy Pals School has made improvements to ensure the service works more effectively with Google for Education products used by more than 90 million students and teachers around the world.

Peppy Pals School holds more than 100 concrete lesson plans with movies, books and activities. The teaching aid is available free of charge and enhances young students’ abilities to recognize and handle emotions.

“Our vision is for every child to grow up in a world were kindness and compassion is just as fundamental as 123 and ABC. We provide innovative solutions to make that abstract vision into something concrete for educators worldwide. The Google for Education team is accelerating our growth and helping us reach that vision.” said Paulina Olsson, CEO, Peppy Pals.

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About Peppy Pals

Peppy Pals is the creator of playful and digital experiences for lifelong, social and emotional learning (EQ/SEL). The award-winning, language-free apps, books, movies, toys and activities designed for children ages 2-9 have proven to be effective in both homes and schools worldwide. By using storytelling and humor, Peppy Pals’ unique way of learning sparks conversations between kids and adults on important social and emotional skills such as empathy, emotions, self-esteem and problem-solving.

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