Lists the Top Nine Reasons to Be Thankful for Pets

Plymouth Meeting, PA – November 19, 2012 – Thanksgiving is all about spending time with loved ones and remembering the people and things we are thankful for - including our furry family members. This year, has created the following list of the top nine reasons to be thankful for our dogs and cats.

  1. Easy to Please: After a long day at the office, few things are better than coming home to your pet. A bowl full of food and a nice long belly rub or ear scratch is all it takes to make their day.
  2. Up For Anything: Plane? Train? Automobile? Regardless of where you travel, most pets are content to be anywhere you are, and they’ll never ask, “Mom! Are we there yet?”
  3. Get Us Moving: Whether it is the dog that needs to go out, or the cat you are entertaining with a feather teaser, our pets always keep us on our feet and on the go.
  4. Love to Snuggle: From when they are kittens and puppies until they become senior pets, our dogs and cats will always snuggle up with us on the couch or in bed, making any snuggle session ten times better.
  5. Calm Us: Whenever we are having a hectic day, one look at our pet reminds us to take a deep breath and be calm. Petting, scratching, and even rubbing your pet’s belly can be therapeutic, too.
  6. Appreciate the Little Things: Our pets remind us every day that it is the little things – a cardboard box, a shoelace, or a walk outdoors - that are most important in life.
  7. Keep us on Schedule: Our pets make sure we are up on time everyday! Whether it is a paw to the forehead or a lick to the face, these gentle reminders to be fed or go outside make sure we’re awake to see the sunrise.
  8. Get us Out of Jams: Date not going well? Stuck at a neighbor’s? If nothing else, pets provide us with a perfect built-in excuse to quickly exit a situation. Who would ask you to stay when you suddenly remember that you have forgotten to feed the pets?
  9. Provide Unconditional Love: Above all, our pets teach us what unconditional love is and remind us to always be the people our pets think we are.  

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