Chairman Klas Cramborn has passed away after a period of illness

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By reason of chairman Klas Cramborn's death, the Board of Directors of Phase Holographic Imaging (PHI) has decided to appoint Mats Lundwall as acting chairman of the Board.

“Klas has meant a lot to PHI’s development. With his strategic skills in combination integrity and humor Klas has led the Board in a very commendable way since 2010. Klas was highly regarded by both fellow board members and employees. He will be greatly missed”, says Mats Lundwall.

Mats Lundwall, former CEO of Cellartis, Santaris Pharma, Ferring Pharmaceuticals and Euro Diagnostica, has been a member of the Board since 2014. Lundwall has led the board meetings when Klas have not been unable to attend due to his illness. Lundwall will now also formally lead the Board's until the annual general meeting this fall.

“Klas and I have worked together for nearly 10 years to introduce groundbreaking technology to medical science. Fortunately, before passing away Klas was able to rejoice over the concrete interest shown in our technology by several major inter­national industry players and the collaboration discussions that now are taking place at manage­ment level. The result of he’s long-term and determined work as chairman is now materializing”, CEO Peter Egelberg concludes.

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