New SelectScience eBook helps scientists choose the best cell imaging technology

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A new cell imaging technology guide has been launched by leading independent science publisher SelectScience® to help scientists find the best equipment for their applications.

PHI is proud to feature HoloMonitor prominently in the How-to-Buy eBook which covers all the key factors to consider when deciding on your new cell imager.

“Your cell imaging experiments are only as robust as your cell imager,” reads the guide. “The ability of the imager, multi-mode reader or microscope to accurately quantify cell numbers, measure cell migration, capture real-time kinetics and perform multi-parameter analyses impacts the success and reproducibility of downstream assays.”

“This SelectScience eBook aims to provide you with useful resources and application-based case studies to help simplify your choice when it comes to purchasing your next cell imager.”

The guide highlights the suitability of the PHI HoloMonitor live-cell time-lapse cytometer for direct and label-free cell counting and kinetic cell analyses, without the need for additional contrast adjustments.

The guide includes a number of case studies, showcasing the benefits of HoloMonitor, including how HoloMonitor has been used to develop guided applications for label-free and kinetic cell analyses. The guide also highlights HoloMonitor features such as single-cell tracking — enabling the user to decipher individual cell migration paths — as well as velocities over time and the ability to save raw data for future use.

This excellent resource includes much more information and can be downloaded free of charge on the SelectScience website here.

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