PhotoCure ASA presents long-term sustained response in basal cell carcinoma

In this announcement we report the results of long-term recurrence data with a mean follow-up of 35 months in BCC lesions showing complete response 3 months after therapy. A total of 59 patients were included in the study, with a total of 310 BCC lesions. The patients had from 1 to 23 lesions, where 27 patients had more than 3 lesions. Overall long-term complete response was 89 %, ranging from 86 % to 93 % depending on lesion type. The lesions were separated into high-risk BCC lesions and primary BCC lesions. Long-term response rates were 71 % for high-risk BCC lesions and 94 % for primary lesions. Primary lesions categorised as superficial and nodular lesions, showed long-term response rates of 93% and 95% respectively.

Of the lesions in long-term complete response 98% were categorised as having an excellent or good cosmetic outcome. Tissue samples were taken from 22 lesion sites. Twenty-one (21) showed normal skin regeneration and only one sample showed sign of fibrosis.

Of 41 patients who compared PDT to previous BCC treatment, 40 patients (98%) reported PDT as being excellent.

“The results from this long-term follow up study of patients with BCC lesions treated with PDT are extremely encouraging and support our belief that this will be an important treatment modality in patients with this disease” says Vidar Hansson, President and CEO of PhotoCure.

The data will be presented at the 28th Annual American Society for Photobiology Meeting in San Francisco, July 1-6 this year.