Pihlajalinna Plc – Acquisition of own shares on 17 April 2020

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Pihlajalinna Plc                Stock Exchange Release                    17 April 2020 at 7:20 p.m.

Pihlajalinna Plc – Acquisition of own shares on 17 April 2020

At Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd:

Date  17 April 2020
Exchange transaction  Buy
Share trading code  PIHLIS
Amount, shares   4,177
Total cost, EUR  62,019.68
Average price/share, EUR  14.8479
Highest price/share, EUR  14.90
Lowest price/share, EUR  14.80

The company holds a total of 47,399 of its own shares (PIHLIS) including the shares acquired on 17 April 2020.

Detailed information concerning the acquisition is attached to this stock exchange release.

On behalf of Pihlajalinna Plc


Jonathan Nyberg             Antti Väliaho

Further information:
Joni Aaltonen, CEO, +358 40 524 7270

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Pihlajalinna in brief
Pihlajalinna is one of the leading private social and healthcare services providers in Finland. The company serves private individuals, businesses, insurance companies and public sector entities, such as municipalities and joint municipal authorities. Pihlajalinna provides general practitioner services, specialised care, emergency and on-call services, a wide range of surgical services, occupational healthcare, dental care and wellbeing services. In addition, the company offers innovative social and healthcare service provision models to public sector entities.