Pihlajalinna Plc: Market Court annulled Hattula’s procurement decision on social and healthcare services

Pihlajalinna Plc     Press Release   16 June 2017 at 16:50

Pihlajalinna Plc: Market Court annulled Hattula’s procurement decision on social and healthcare services

Market Court has annulled Hattula municipality’s decision on procurement of the municipality’s social and healthcare services. If the municipality of Hattula wants to execute the procurement, it has to organize a new tendering or appeal to Supreme Administrative Court in order to get the Market Court’s decision annulled.

The municipal council of Hattula selected Pihlajalinna as the municipality’s social welfare and healthcare service partner on 14 December 2016. According to the decision, Pihlajalinna and the municipality of Hattula would have established a company whose share of service production would have been less than 50 per cent of the current operational social welfare and healthcare costs of the municipality. Hattula has roughly 9,700 inhabitants and the value of the agreement would have been approximately EUR 7 million per year. According to the competitive bidding documentation, the duration of the agreement was 15 years at the minimum and 20 years at the maximum.

Currently, Pihlajalinna produces the outpatient and inpatient health care services for the municipality of Hattula. The current agreement will end on 31 March 2018.

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