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  • Keolis and Pilotfish Sign a Partnership to Use the Internet of Things in Public Transport Operations

Keolis and Pilotfish Sign a Partnership to Use the Internet of Things in Public Transport Operations

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Keolis and Pilotfish have signed a partnership to deploy IoT solutions in real operating conditions onboard buses and coaches. The vehicles will be equipped with a 4G internet solution to connect the vehicles and their equipment to the company's information systems. This device complies with European standards and ITxPT1 specifications supported by Keolis.

The gateway, developed by Pilotfish, will be used to collect technical data in real-time from the vehicles (e.g. engine temperature, battery charge, ‘Alcolock’) and from the driver's performance (e.g. braking). Analysis of the data will allow Keolis to adjust its operating and maintenance processes to optimise fleet performance. For example, the data will be used to support driver training in ‘eco-driving’, which will significantly improve the passenger experience while saving energy. The data collected and processed will allow the development of new and innovative business applications. 

Keolis will initially install the device on 60 ‘pilot’ vehicles and intends to equip at least 750 vehicles in France by 2021. Keolis also plans to develop the solution for the European market. 

Xavier Hubert, Industrial Executive Vice President of the Keolis Group declared: “With this project, Keolis is putting once again drawing on technological innovation to enhance operational performance. This integrated solution will allow us to be more competitive and differentiate ourselves by offering new business services at lower costs. This project allows Keolis to take a step forward in the field of IoT, in a process of operational utility. Thanks to the data collected, we will discover new avenues for improvement in terms of energy use and operational performance, which will benefit Keolis and all its stakeholders.” 

Tomas Gabinus, CEO of Pilotfish said: “We are very pleased to start this new partnership with Keolis Group and its French subsidiaries. We have a solid experience from our collaboration that began five years ago with Keolis Sweden on other areas. This new agreement gives us the opportunity to work with the Group. This is an important step in our global growth strategy. We aim to be a part of the development and standardisation of public transport to increase energy savings and reduce operating costs with the aim of reducing the ecological impact of transport in the world.” 

For more information, please contact: 

Tomas Gabinus, CEO Pilotfish Networks AB. Tel: +46 31 339 66 74, E-mail: tomas.gabinus@pilotfish.se 

Xavier Hubert, Senior Vice President, Industrial Keolis Group. E-mail: xavier.hubert@keolis.com 

Pilotfish Networks' mission is to increase the productivity and attractiveness of rail, tram and bus transportation through structured digitization. The offering is based on an open and standardized vehicle communication platform with user-friendly applications and support for continuous process improvement. Pilotfish technology is based on the standards and IT architecture of the European standardization organization ITxPT 





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