Pilotfish publish their IT-solutions as a part of global growth strategy

Pilotfish goes public with all their systems as a logical step after many years of promoting standardization and openness. For Pilotfish, openness is an important part of their growth strategy which means a faster development and increased efficiency in public transport. – We don’t fear competition. We welcome any aid in educating and helping the public transport industry adapt new and smarter IT solutions. Together, we can increase the use of public transport and decrease environmental impact, Tomas Gabinus, Pilotfish CEO states.

For Tomas Gabinus, it is important to be a good example. Therefore, all Pilotfish systems are explained and published on the company website so that anyone can participate in adapting and developing new smart solutions.

- We can’t work like mad to break vendor lock-in and develop EU-level open industry standards, and at the same time withhold information about the new important technology we develop. It doesn’t work. Our biggest challenge isn’t our competition, but to increase knowledge about new systems and solutions among public transport operators and authorities. That is our biggest task.

Pilotfish are very open to cooperating with other suppliers, both through connecting Pilotfish solutions to already existing systems, by adding modern IT solutions to traditional vehicle systems, and also through letting other companies develop within Pilotfish own system. For example, app developers and suppliers of smaller IT solutions who need a bigger eco system to function within.

- We’ve got the whole world as playing field, and to reach out, we welcome help from our competitors. Together, we can manage to inform and open up markets all over the world to adapt to new, effective solutions. It is not a zero-sum game. Rather the opposite. The more and better solutions reaching the market, the faster the knowledge will grow, and the more possibilities opens up. Everyone wins.

Pilotfish has recently launched a new website, pilotfish.se, where they explain their whole system in detail. They also have an educational site, academy.pilotfish.se, developed for their customers but which is totally open for anyone to learn more about Pilotfish system, and how it is used.

- Part from our initiative with open and accessible IT solutions, we work intensively to increase our activity through other information channels. But it is hard to keep up since we’re expanding so fast. We have doubled our annual turnover. We constantly recruit new employees and welcome new customers. We open offices in new countries, and our offices rapidly become too small because of all the new workstations we have to put in. We are in a very exciting phase, and we work hard to automate processes and develop ideas to make life easier for anyone working in public transport, and to improve the travelling experience. We have given ourselves the task to help develop public transport to the level where it in the end becomes everyone’s first choice. If we want to save the environment, and by that, the world, this is where we need to go, Tomas Gabinus concludes.

For more information, contact:

Tomas Gabinus, CEO Pilotfish Neworks AB. Phone: +46 31 339 66 74, E-mail : tomas.gabinus@pilotfish.se  

Pilotfish Networks mission is to increase productivity and attractiveness for train-, tram- and bus transport through structured digitalization. The offer is based on an open, standardized vehicle communication platform with user friendly applications and support for continual process improvements. The Pilotfish technology is founded on standards and IT architecture from the European standardization organization ITxPT.





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Together, we can increase the use of public transport and decrease environmental impact.
Tomas Gabinus, CEO Pilotfish Neworks