Public transport supplier Pilotfish Networks AB is acquiring Appello Technologies AB

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Pilotfish is placing an increasing focus on satisfying its customers need for new, innovative applications for increasing the efficiency of public sector bus and train operators. Gothenburg-based Pilotfish is now acquiring a 100% stake in Gothenburg-based Appello, which in partnership with Pilotfish has specialised in innovative applications and user-friendly interfaces for bus operators’ activities.

Pilotfish supplies a combination of a standardised communication platform and a range of services which in various ways improve productivity within the public transport system. At present, public transport in Scandinavia and in Europe in general is undergoing a rapid transition, with major challenges in the form of increased competition, new technology, electric vehicles and new information technologies. Cloud-based applications and services, standardised platforms and efficient autonomous vehicles are important tools for meeting the rapid changes which are currently taking place within the public transport sector.

Executive Director of Pilotfish, Tomas Gabinus, says that “Appello has a fantastic team, which with its expertise within the fields of application development, maps and navigation services - used by millions of end-users - is a perfect complement to Pilotfish’s current team”. Tomas adds that “we furthermore intend to continue to develop Appello’s navigation service Wisepilot, which is supplied internationally to a range of telecommunications operators”. Lars Szakaly, Executive Director of Appello, remarks that “we at Appello look forward to working together with Pilotfish on continuing our collective journey as suppliers of modern applications for public transport”.

For more information please contact:

Tomas Gabinus, Executive Director, Pilotfish Networks AB. Tel.: +46 (0)31 3396674.


Pilotfish’s ambition is to achieve a higher level of competitiveness for bus and train operators within the public transport sector. Pilotfish’s approach is centred on structured digitalisation based around an open communication platform which can be supplemented with various user-friendly applications for utilization via the implementation of strategies aimed at continuous improvements. Pilotfish’s tender is based upon standards and architectures which are administered by the European Committee for Standardization’s ITxPT (Information Technology for Public Transport).





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