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Original date: January 19, 2021 

Plagazi has joined the the Gádor project in Almeria, Spain, partnering up with Enagás, CEMEX and White Summit Capital. The project was kicked-off externally in January 2021, with Plagazi signing a Letter of Support for the delivery of synthetic gas and hydrogen to the project.  

The project is led by Enagás and has its focus on creating a circular-economy center for biogas, synthetic gas and green hydrogen production. By using the cement waste from CEMEX’s nearby cement factory and municipal waste from local cities, the patented Plagazi process can produce pure synthetic gas and pure green hydrogen which can be fed into Enagás national gas pipeline infrastructure for national usage. 

More about the project partners: 

Enagás: Spanish energy company and European transmission system operator, which owns and operates the nation’s gas grid.

CEMEX: One of the largest building material companies in the world.

White Summit Capital: Asset Manager specializing in infrastructure and energy, with 3 billion USD of deployed capital.

For further information, please contact: 

Torsten Granberg, CEO, Plagazi AB 


Phone: +46 70 676 12 34

About Plagazi: 

Plagazi AB is a Swedish clean-tech company which is revolutionizing the production of green hydrogen. Plagazi helps society close the circular loop by transforming waste into green hydrogen through plasma gasification, contributing to resolve the significant global issue of non-recyclable waste, renewable energy sources and carbon emissions. With multiple active projects across Europe, the company aims to become the answer to the continents strive to reach its climate goals.  

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