“I am happy to have made a mark in the dental field”

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After more than 40 years in the industry, it may come as a surprise to hear that dentistry was not Dr Mauli Pharande’s first choice. Since entering the dental profession, however, he has always made a point of offering the highest quality care to his patients. “Our customers trust us to offer the best.”

Dr Mauli Pharande with one of his Planmeca Compact™ i Classic dental units.

For some, dentistry is just a profession. For others, it’s a calling. For Dr Mauli Pharande, it runs in the family.

Dr Pharande is the Managing Director and founder of the Dr. Pharande Dental Hospital in Pune, India, where he focuses especially on endodontics and dental implantology. Since embarking on his career, he has been joined at the clinic by his sons Dr Abhijeet Pharande and Dr Manish Pharande as well as his daughters-in-law and nephews.

With much of his second generation following in his footsteps, it is perhaps surprising to hear that dentistry was not Dr Mauli Pharande’s first choice of study. However, after four decades and a distinguished career in dentistry, he can confidently say he has no regrets. “I am happy to have made a mark in the dental field.”

Dr Pharande is joined at his clinic by his sons Dr Manish Pharande (pictured) and Dr Abhijeet Pharande.

Four decades of first-rate dentistry

Indeed, Dr Mauli Pharande has been something of a pioneer in his field in India. In 1996, Dr Pharande launched his own dental hospital, which was the first to offer services in all the major specialities in the country. Starting from scratch with barely 100 square feet, he has since expanded his clinic by acquiring a second nearby location with larger premises in 2019. Since graduating from Government Dental College in 1976, he has also organised state and national conferences and lectured both domestically and internationally.

To put it in short, he has seen the Indian dental industry grow – and grown with it – for more than 40 years.

“I have always looked for the latest technology and sought to implement it in my daily practice,” Dr Pharande says. “Having been in the industry for decades, there have been many brands who have wanted to associate with me. However, for me, the choice was clearly Planmeca.”

Quality equipment for quality care

Dr Mauli Pharande describes his dental hospital as a multi-speciality clinic, housing seven operatories, imaging facilities and an in-house dental lab. His equipment includes two Planmeca Compact™ i Classic dental units and a Planmeca ProMax® 3D Classic CBCT unit with a cephalostat.

Dr Abhijeet Pharande with the clinic's Planmeca ProMax® 3D Classic CBCT unit.

When asked why he chose Planmeca, Dr Pharande says that the company’s vision of dental care aligned with his. “Our customers trust us to offer the best, as they have done for years. Quality, ease of use, aesthetics – these are the most important to us. To offer high-quality care to our patients, I chose a high-quality brand.”

Peering into a digital future

Though his clinic offers many services, Dr Pharande says his staff handles a lot of implant cases in particular. This has made his Planmeca 3D imaging unit especially an indispensable part of his practice. “The in-house CBCT helps us plan treatments faster and improves communication with the patient. It’s a must for precise treatment planning.”

Beyond the clinic’s imaging needs, however, Dr Pharande sees his trust in Planmeca as an investment in dentistry’s digital future in India. “My sons are a part of the digital generation, and they are going to play an important role in running this clinic one day."

”For a digital solution, I could not have gone anywhere other than Planmeca.”


Copy: Aleksandra Nyholm
Images: Parimala Murthy

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