Opening the door

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Each day dental professionals are challenged to deliver dental care as efficiently and safely as possible while trying to achieve the esthetic results their patients are seeking.

On the case

No matter which digital trade journal or dental website you frequent you'll find a case study or article presenting the latest in digital dentistry. Our industry is tech-driven and continually pushing for advances that improve dental procedures, streamline workflow and improve patient safety. Digital media inundates us with content highlighting the processes in complex restoration cases. Mixed-in with these complex restoration case studies you'll likely see a restorative case labeled "simple" or "typical". The reality is that a large percentage of dentists with full chairside CAD/CAM systems will mill more typical cases such as crowns and see a small number of the intricate and complicated cases that are highlighted in the trade media.

Complex cases receive all the headlines and highlights in the trade media, but the reality is that typical cases fill your schedule. If you don’t have a CAD/CAM system, and the majority of restorative cases you encounter fall into the typical category, then perhaps now is the time to take the plunge and add a full chairside CAD/CAM system to your practice.

Support team

Is training the concern that has been holding you back? For some, their reluctance in purchasing new equipment is learning how to use it and implement it in their practice. Does new equipment work with their other equipment? Do they offer additional training and educational options available including online training, CE courses or onsite training to support existing and new staff members?

The right addition

A new piece of equipment doesn’t have to disrupt a practice. Case in point: the latest addition to the Planmeca family is the Planmeca PlanMill® 30 S. Its a great option for clinicians looking to upgrade from traditional methods or scan-only to full chairside CAD/CAM. As with any new piece of Planmeca equipment, Planmeca PlanMill 30 S product support takes place from the start. We support your investment by providing your practice with the right training and education. Additional training and education options are available through a variety of methods including our Planmeca Digital Academy, online training, CE courses, and even onsite training.

For instance, through our various educational methods we can help dentists and their staff better understand how easy it is to make the move from a scan-only system to the open architecture connectivity of a Planmeca PlanMill 30 S. We can provide the training and options to show you how using an automated system and onboard computer makes the user experience intuitive and easy. A broad range of milling materials gives the clinician the flexibility to choose the best treatment option for patients. New equipment like the Planmeca PlanMill 30 S can expand a practice’s treatment options, offer better solutions for crowns, bridges, splints, full or partial dentures, and more. But, new equipment like this mill might not be the right choice for your practice. If you’re not ready to embrace new and innovative ways to advance your practice by opening up more chair time and services for other patients and more productivity, then it doesn’t matter how much education is available.

The important question to consider: is your practice built for the future?